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So yesterday wasn’t my first game of Aristeia(A! From here on) but it felt like the first proper game. Brian had kindly 3d printed a full set of walls and i had printed cards for soldiers of fortune plus bought alternate maximus, lunah and mushashi giving us a pool of 17 players instead of the […]

Shadespire: the beginning

This might finally be a minis game i have time to play. I started with warhammer in 3rd ed and 40k when it was rogue trader. At uni in 90s i bought a lot of both. Lots of wh chaos and orcs, bits of the rest. A chunk of guard, orks and bits of other […]

Quantronic Heat Part 2

So after many failed meetups (including snow) we managed to run our next session of Infinity: Quantronic heat 2: On your Marks. We got straight into the background deciding to use the Triad backing and be called “Heavenly Thunder” Wiuth HuJu as the pilot and Benoit as a medic, plus bringing back a GMPC as […]

Domains of The Gods

The Gods share a number of Domains. Initially to make things either i will separate Gods by Pantheon and Domain rather than by listing individual powers of Gods (which i will get to much later) Initial Domains Domain Sub domains Example Gods Blood  Izanami Animals Cats, Birds  Bast/Bastet Chaos Mischief  Loki, Discordia Darkness The Night […]

God War 2d20 Pitch

So recently Mythic Battles : Pantheon arrived from Kickstarter, and although it has an RPG i’m heavily into 2d20 at the moment so i wondered if i could combine the 2. At the same time i started playing SMITE again…If i had the time this would be some massive pig PDF that i would kickstart, […]

Morticians Turn 1 goals

So clearly i know nothing about how to play Morticians, but i can still work out distances. These aren’t as reliable as Alchemists because Morts aren’t a footballing team, but it’s still nice to know they are possible. Obulus Obulus looks slow but has puppet master. Shadow-like for 2” Sprint 6 Puppet-Master himself for 4” […]