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MCP: One roster…part 3, take 2.

So having finalised the roster I have been told I can’t use my new models. Shame cos I’ve painted Ms Marvel. So Ironman is out as well. I did have this: Dormammu Toad Venom Miles Gwen Black Cat Mysterio Iron Man Ms Marvel Dr Voodoo So I need 2 more models! My next 4 choices […]

MCP: one roster to rule them all…part 3

Just to be clear, this isn’t really about an all conquering roster, it’s just what I called my first Dormammu roster and I’m not changing now. But this IS the big one. A Dormammu only roster which should get me to 5 affiliations played. So easy start, Dormammu. 9 to go. I mostly want 3 […]

MCP: Groot review

Groot was pretty average and only seen to bodyguard Rocket. In my buffs post I wrote “Buff.Let him Heal Others. Hood and Wong can. Remove 3 from self or 2 from another character in 2? Make Tangling vines give slow as well.” Well they went another way. The Old: Groot bodyguarded Rocket and healed himself, […]

MCP: Gamora, no more deadly, but Tougher

I took Gamora to an event once. I didn’t play her all day. She was so fragile for a 4 threat I couldn’t risk her. But have they fixed that? She’s meant to hit hard, but die, I guess. Classic glass cannon. The Old: died before getting to hit anyone as she had 3s for […]

MCP: Rocket Review

Rocket was always pretty decent for 2 threat but was super, super squishy. Range 5 damage dealer with awful defence. The Old: sat at the back, next to groot and shoots people. One of the few gotg used outside of affiliation (with Nebula). The easiest way to deal with him was throwing Groot at him. […]

MCP: Star Lord Review

So first up from the 7 new cards is Star Lord…Who? So Star Lord started off ok, but then we lost drop off and he lost a bit of power. And we got so many good team tactics cards that chucking them was bad! But now we have a new Quill! The Old: Range 4 […]

MCP ch,ch,changes

I go away on holiday for a week and by the end of it we have 7 new cards. I’ll do the 7 seperate character reviews in time but I wanted a quick summary post, just to keep track. In total we have now seen changes to 15 characters. Pretty sure there is more to […]

MCP: An interview with Duncan

So, unless you play at Element Games, you probably haven’t heard of Duncan “Undercover demon” Harradine. Most of his games have been at Tony Moore’s Friday Night Marvel events (which is where I met him). But he is slowly creeping up the rankings and has won the last 2 FNM events with Dormammu, beating some […]

Editorial – Why I write a blog

[I have no real idea what an editorial is, but it sounds cool and important…] I’ve been accused twice recently of writing clickbait articles. Once because I used the phrase “too hard” rather than “more difficult” and once because I wanted a rant. In the first case it was just a silly title and the […]

MCP: Cabal Roster Review

Well at least this roster did better than the previous Cabal Roster… Red Skull did…not much. Round 1 he moves people. In later rounds if he has power Unleash is great. I got one great cosmic invigoration off. But in 2 games he did very little. The Leadership is good, especially when I remembered. 5/10 […]

MCP: Upgraded Ultron review

3 down, 1 to go. It’s the age of Ultron! The Old: Ultron looked quite good in the core box. Ok strike, ranged builder, a throw, and he could come back from the dead. But then he lost drop off and then he was superseded by many other models. The New: Strike has gone to […]

MCP: October Friday Night Marvel

So this past Friday was the monthly Friday Night Marvel Event at Element Games in Stockport, run by Tony Moore. You know, the top 3 in the world Longshanks player that ended Aruns winning streak. Great guy, great TO, great event with a bunch of decent players…and Quinn. I took the Cabal list I wrote […]

MCP: All-new Old Captain America Review

You know what? I never actually reviewed Cap’s new card. I just did the changes. But since I’m reviewing the cards (and have a nice image, not a screen capture), let’s have a look. The Old: When we only had a few affiliation he got played. But over time we saw them less and less. […]

MCP: Let my models go! What is going on with these releases and why can’t I get stuff I’ve paid for?

[Warning – there is no review, tips, help or content here, it’s just a rant] A year ago Angela and Enchantress released “early”. We knew they were coming to stores, stores in the UK got them and sold them, but they were then held for official release until January. So no forum rulings, no TTS […]

MCP: Captain Marvel Review

Let’s stay on the Avengers Train and review Captain Marvel. The Old: In my whole A-force run (18 competitive games) I used Captain Marvel Once. She was Ok, but easily controlled and even with the power boost she wasn’t that great. The New: Binary Form now “only” costs 4, Danvers’ Special throws size 4 and […]

MCP: All-new Ironman Review

So 3 new cards just dropped (and i’ve not yet done Steve, Shuri or Modok) and although the changes to some of the characters are pretty minor I will be doing reviews of all of them. Why? a) It’s something to write about. b) I haven’t reviewed the old versions! At least I have games […]

MCP: Cabal roster go!

So when we left off (Here) i was working on a Cabal Roster and had this: Red Skull Crossbones Omega Red Sabretooth Venom Mordo I seem to also have slipped Zemo in. So i played the planned game to test out some more models. Skull, Cass Nova, Sinister, Xbones and Bob V big D, Hood, […]

MCP: An introduction to Avengers (Sam Wilson)

So last week I looked at the original Avengers leadership here, but we also have a newer one. Sam has a very different Leadership and a very different playstyle and roster creation process. What’s good about Sam’s Avengers? It’s very efficient. You will get players dazed in a game of MCP. In all my games […]

MCP: An Introduction to (Steve Roger’s) Avengers

It’s been a while but, having played some Avengers I thought I would do another Intro post(s) on the first Affiliation, Avengers. That’s a lot! And we can add Hulkbuster to that (and possibly Ms Marvel?) Avengers are one of the core box affiliations and so often one of the two affiliations players might start […]

MCP: Cabal Roster…in progress

It’s been 2 or so weeks since my last Cabal roster but I’ve decided I want a single affiliation roster, so no Dormammu. The previous 10 was this: Dormammu Red Skull Zemo Mordo Modok Enchantress Omega Red Crossbones Mysterio Okoye Dormammu is out, and I’d quite like to ditch Okoye (just for a change). Who […]