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D&D 5e Roll Dice for Bonuses Rule

So one thing that sort of bugs me about D&D (and any like game that uses a d20 for rolls and the other dice for damage) is that I have all these cool dice but I mostly only use the d20 and my damage dice. If you’re playing a non caster you might only get […]

Arcane / Legends of Runeterra RPG – What system would I use?

I have wanted to have an RPG system to run a game in Runeterra (the setting for League of Legends/Legends of runeterra/Arcane) and we even dedicated a FluffnCrunch episode to it (Links: Anchor / Spotify). Now having watched Arcane (which was awesome by the way – check it out) I wanted to start having a […]

Pathfinder Classes in D&D 5E

So one of things i really like about Pathfinder but don’t have in 5E is all the classes. Not so bothered about the archetypes. They are nice to have, but most are pointless or are just themes. Have statted most of the races i want, monsters are pretty easy to convert or re-skin and i […]

Golarion – Inner Sea overview

 Brief overview of the inner sea area of golarion (main area) The Inner sea region: countries in bold are in APs Avistan Absalom – island nation Andoran – Democratic freedom Brevoy – Feuding noble houses Cheliax – demon/devil controlled empire Druma – merchants religios paradise?? Galt – Constant revolution (france) Hold of Belkzen – orcs […]

Choice, 5E, Pathfinder adventure paths.

So having TPKed the party on Lost mines of phandelver we need to start again. And i figured it will make for a good blog post as well as for my players. Options: 1. Use Tyranny of Dragons DnD 5E adventure – (search net for reviews) Uses proper rules. Set in realms, you fight against […]

5th > Pathfinder

So after a few more days i’m revisiting this: In 5E’s favour • Advantage rules rather than lots of +- to refer to • Attack bonus and AC on lower scales so all monsters are useful at all levels • Skills default to attributes, with simple bonus rather than ever increasing skills and skill DCs […]

Pathfinder & 5E

I have tonnes of Pathfinder books but due to lack of time and complex nature of game rarely get to run it, and certainly not past first few sessions. Partly the issue is that I feel I need system mastery to GM it but there is too much system to master. On the other hand […]

13th Age v Pathfinder

I run Pathfinder on and off. I always start super excited and then get bored (thats all games actually). Here’s it’s because everything thing seems so samey – characters all roll d20 to hit, roll the same dice, do the same things. Throw some wizards in and then the opposite happens. Same with monsters. Start […]

How 13th Age fits into Golarion

After discussing what is beyond the dragon empire here, i decided to compare the scale of the dragon empire to the Inner Sea Region (pathfinder). It seems quite big, and can’t fit. However. There is space in Golarion! Okay, so it won’t quite fit…but it’s close. Just have to move the Castrovin sea a bit! […]

The 13 Savage PathFinder U Barbarians of Fate Plus Next

What the F? In reality this is just a lead into various conversions/systems posts i intend to write for the games i hope to play in future. Currently i am playing Pathfinder – using the Kingmaker AP – and a number of houserules. Plotpoints from MHR, Aspects from FATE and using bonus dice rather than […]

Pathfinder Bonus Dice

So, my main issues with Pathfinder are: Strong heroes do damage and are better at fighting, while Dexterous heroes are good at dodging and Shooting but not fighting. So if i want a Dexterous fighter, he also needs to be strong. If i want a strong clumsy fighter…can’t. the BAB. I wish it worked like in M&M […]