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13th Age v Pathfinder

I run Pathfinder on and off. I always start super excited and then get bored (thats all games actually). Here’s it’s because everything thing seems so samey – characters all roll d20 to hit, roll the same dice, do the same things. Throw some wizards in and then the opposite happens. Same with monsters. Start […]

How 13th Age fits into Golarion

After discussing what is beyond the dragon empire here, i decided to compare the scale of the dragon empire to the Inner Sea Region (pathfinder). It seems quite big, and can’t fit. However. There is space in Golarion! Okay, so it won’t quite fit…but it’s close. Just have to move the Castrovin sea a bit! […]

13th Age: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

I’ve had 13th Age sitting in the cloud, preordered for ages without playing it. I tried the draft about december but nothing seemed that great. But upon reading and playing the Final PDF i loved it. The Good Escalation Dice – awesome addition Icons – nice story tie-in Background – simpler yet more versatile than […]

Time…Money…So little of either

The following blog is an exerpt from an email i sent my “group” (i.e. my 2 best mates) beware – wall of text follows   Obviously i buy quite a lot of stuff that i never get to play. Partly thats because most games are more interesting when i’m waiting for stuff to release, and […]