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2d20 Mod Rules, part 1 – Character Creation

Before the basics, I’m going with character creation! [1] This won’t be complete, as some parts of this need later sections. Some of the default “core” options have alternatives. These are Mods, and let you tweak the core to what you want. CC Mod Zero: Lifepaths Rather than having so many points for each step […]

2d20 mod part 5, Classifying the variant

Part 5 Classifying the variants Another short one before hopefully starting on the core 2d20 mod. Although that might take a while to nail.  So having spent 4 weeks looking at the various systems i think we can classify the 8 systems (9 with Fallout) into 3 main categories: Hardcore. The original 3 games. More […]

2d20 mod, Part 4: Subsytems

Part 4 Subsytems Pretty much every 2d20 variant has it’s own subsystems. This will just be a short overview – get the games to see more detail! MC3 – Dark gifts and Light Arts MC3 has two forms of magic and both work in a similar way. Each “spell” has a Difficulty, duration, target and […]

2d20 mod part 3, combat and meta currency

Differences between the version part 2, Combat, weapons and meta currencies Combat is pretty similar in all versions. Roll to attack and defend. If the attacker wins, deal damage and spend momentum.  The differences fall under the following areas: Hit locations and Armor Combat dice Weapon ratings Health Momentum spends Other meta currencies Hit Locations, […]

2d20 Mod, part 2 – Differences between the versions part a – Characters

In this second part of a series (looking at putting together a basic, modular, generic version of the 2d20 system), I will be looking at how characters vary between the different 2d20 versions. Note – the 2d20 rules system is copyright of Modiphius games. I am simply looking at pulling the basic rules out of […]