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2d20 Eclipse Phase

So in 2017, while waiting for the Infinity book I ran a 2-session game of Eclipse phase (continuity – a starter adventure) using 2d20. Most of it was scribbled on paper but I’ve managed to find some of the notes so I can write them up. This is a pretty barebones hack, but it worked for […]


So i’m currently on Holiday in Portugal… Can’t post a lot but ideally can find time to write. Here’s what i’m hoping to work on soon… Werewolves for WFRP3 Gear for Hunters in MHR Nightfall More characters for MHR Nightfall More Morphs for Cortex Eclipse Phase More Wood elf careers for WFRP3 Monster careers for […]

Eclipse Phase Gear

With my conversion notes i think it’s pretty easy, but to be precise i’ve converted some EP gear. Costs as per the EP core book. Remember, for character creation you spend dice: d6=1, d8=2, d10=4, d12=4, So a D10 gun costs 3 dice. SFX is worth an extra dice. All Gear has the Gear limit. […]

Eclipse Phase Morphs

With my conversion notes i think it’s pretty easy, but here’s a bunch of morphs. I’ve not listed basic implants. Unless stated all morphs come with Cortical Stack, Basic Biomods and Basic Mesh Inserts.  These provide the SFX: Cortical Stack. Character’s memory is backed up and can be uploaded unless totally destroyed. Mesh inserts. Can […]

Eclipse Phase Characters, Marvel Style

Distinctions 1 Background 1 Faction 2 normal Aptitudes 12 dice (d6=1, d8=2…) across the 7 aptitudes Morph & Gear 10 dice for buying a morph and gear Specialities 8 dice 5 bonus dice for aptitudes, gear or specialities.

Converting Eclipse Phase

Yes, it’s a conversion not a hack. Having gone through all the morphs in the Core book + some in Sunward, gatecrashers and Panopticon there are certain patterns that emerge so a conversion is possible! This conversion assumes you have the relevant Eclipse Phase Books. Although they are creative commons I will not be putting […]

Eclipse Phase Thoughts

So, how might i go about hacking eclipse phase? My initial thoughts are that the 7 aptitudes need to stay. Because these are the key stats for characters. Then keep Affiliations, distinctions, powers and specialities. Does that give too many dice? I Don’t think so. In MHR players constantly roll 4-5 dice. Without aptitudes you […]