Monthly Archives: December 2021

MCP: Gambit card review

Unlike Rogue and Collossus who I love as characters, Gambit is meh. I literally dislike everything about him except the throwing explosive energy stuff. Let’s check the card. I expected him to be like Moon Knight but his strike is worse and his ranged attack is better…well it does more dice but has no rapid […]

MCP: Baron Zemo Review

So I’ve tended to review characters as their cards drop, but there are plenty of characters out there I never reviewed. So starting today I’m going back and looking at some older characters, beginning with the lord of the dance himself, Baron Zemo He can do a lot. Support, extract runner, damage dealer. The Great: […]

MCP: Colossus card review

One of my favourite X characters! I’m not sure why, he often a bit dull in the Comics and is usually surrounded by more interesting characters. But he was in the team when I first came across the X-men in the original Secret Wars and turning into metal just seemed cool. Let’s see what the […]

Review of The Year: MCP Highlights (and lowlights)

I was going to do a month by month year in review, but not much happened for about 6 months of the year, so that would be a bit dull. Instead I’m looking at my MCP highlights and lowlights of the year, starting with the latter Disappointing models. Cable, Black bolt. While most models in […]

MCP: Juggernaut card review

Juggernaut was spoiled last week but the proper card dropped this week. How’s he looking? So he’s another 5 threat, good def, plenty of health and some interesting rules. The Great. He’s so thematic. He’s not standing still hitting. He should be moving, then smashing hard with I’m the Juggernaut for 10 dice, then moving […]

MCP, Were the character changes what I wanted?

So I did 2 articles on which models should get changed (here and here) knowing full well that not all would be changed. Did they change the models I suggested? Core Box wave Captain America. Buff! Yes (cheated here) Red Skull. No change. Captain Marvel. Buff! We know Binary is going down to 4. They […]