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MCP : Battle report

I’ve previously played 2 games with friends but wanted to try a game with my new mat and scenery and taking pictures, so I played both sides. Good test of rules but not tactics. Used the core box 10, cabal v Avengers, using the 2 basic crises. Setup Round 1 Both sides have 1 console […]

Marvel Crisis Protocol…But first this…

So Marvel Crisis Protocol is out November 15th and I (and many others) am super excited about it. So to add to my various RPG, Guild ball and Aristeia posts i will be blogging about MCP. But first, some background… Marvel Background As with most people I was familiar with Spider-man and the Incredible Hulk […]

Marvel Dicemasters Review

M picked up the original AvX dicemaster box back at launch. We had no idea it would be so popular because we then couldn’t buy any expansion dice packs until the release of uncanny in October time. At which point I then bought a bunch of AvX dice off Ebay…and then they re-released them before […]