Monthly Archives: May 2021

MCP – back to life

I actually managed two IRL games last week (Cheers Owen) My opponent, Owen, was keen to play his new stuff, so I let him play Brotherhood and I took the other half of my TTS roster, playing A-force. We did Infinity Formula and Senators, so we had one new crisis. Brotherhood: Magneto, Scarlet Witch, Mystique, […]

MCP is back – Roster selection part 2

When we left off I was down to 3 affiliations: Inhumans, Asgard and Brotherhood. Of these I wasn’t that keen on Inhumans, because Black Bolt is both meh as a character in the comics and the game for me. I decided I would probably run an Asgard-A-force list for the IRL event i’m going to […]

Back to MCP!

As of 17th May We can play Marvel Crisis Protocol in the UK again. Technically, we could play via TTS, but that didn’t really happen for me. I played in Season 3 and it was a disaster, opponents in the wrong bracket and time zone, a bye, and so I didn’t play in season 4. […]

2d20 Settings I want to try/hack

So there are a number of existing RPG settings and non-RPG Franchises that i’d love to try in 2d20. I’m going to run through a bunch of them! Assassins Creed. I can see dishonored being really good for this, both in doing Modern stuff and then jumping into the past for historical. In fact I […]

2d20 and different genres

This blog is prompted by a conversation about which genres 2d20 currently covers, and which it doesn’t. Thought I would start with the DTRPG genres list Family Gaming? Erm, not really, but John Carter comes closest. I’ve avoided using 2d20 with my family so far. while I think the dice rolling and core rules are […]