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Arcane RPG – what do I want from a system?

So in a previous post I looked at which systems could be used for a League of Legends / Legends of runeterra / Arcane RPG. But there were no real winners (just plenty of losers). So in this post I will look at what I would want from a system to run such a game. […]

Arcane / Legends of Runeterra RPG – What system would I use?

I have wanted to have an RPG system to run a game in Runeterra (the setting for League of Legends/Legends of runeterra/Arcane) and we even dedicated a FluffnCrunch episode to it (Links: Anchor / Spotify). Now having watched Arcane (which was awesome by the way – check it out) I wanted to start having a […]


Why Vi? Because i found a model for her. That’s pretty much it. Annoyingly she comes with 3 passives and two almost identical attacks…but oh well.

MCP LOL : Ahri

Franchise number 3: League of Legends. I haven’t played it in years, but it has some cool characters. Also, i can order a figure for Ahri…so here she is I really need to get her on the table and try her. Coming up with the powers based on a MOBA character is easy enough, balancing […]