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New Hero – Amaranthine

Quick new hero to get my datafiling back in practise. This time from art by Taclobanon. Amaranthine is a tech hero. Having developed a suit of powered armour she uses it to fight the good Fight. Without the suit she must use a wheel chair. Amaranthine Solo d10, Buddy d8, Team d6 Fighting Crime, one […]


Now that civil war is out i will more encouraged to work on MHR again, and i have some time next week to be able to knock out some datafiles. Plus – less Football 8( So what to work on? More major JLA characters? More (Teen Tians) Outsiders? Batman Baddies, or allies? Add a comment […]

Civil War!

Finally, after a long wait, Civil War releases on PDF! Of course, it’s now taking ages to download. But at least i have it in theory. Roll on the hard copy and the next few releases.


To Follow the Wonder girls i thought i would do some Teen Titans. Starfire up first. Reasonably familiar with her after Teen Titans and 52. Her New 52 incarnation is diabolical, even for me. So this is a more 5-10 years ago Starfire. Starfire (Princess Koriand’r) Solo d6, Buddy d8, Team d10 Tamaran Princess Alien, […]

Donna Troy

Donna Troy started as a copy of Wonder Woman and became wonder Girl. She has died a few times, had totally different powers, been wonder woman and…Oh Who knows. There’s a reason DC has to reboot continuity al the time, because it gets too convoluted. Currently Donna is AWOL, so this is based on an […]

Wonder Girl

I’m doing The second Wonder girl, Cassie Sandsmark, fro two reasons. Firstly because i just did wonder woman, and secondly because her stats in DCA HV2 are next to the WW write-up and i was reading the wrong stat block!! Note this is mostly based on pre new 52 Cassie as i haven’t read enough […]

Wonder Woman

At last, an Icon. One of DCs Trinity. The amazonian princess and founding member of the Justice League – Wonder woman. Compared to Bats and Supes WW has a lot of different version. Theres the iconic version, the Secret Agent version, The JMS wearing Pants version and the new 52 version. And even in the […]


Mika is the outsiders Fan, and I just fancied doing Grace first. She is super tall, very strong, tough and generally has one of the first attitudes of any DC hero. She would fit in to a marvel comic straight away! Grace ( Grace Choi) Solo d8 Buddy d10 Team d6 Metahuman Bar Bouncer Amazon-Bana […]