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MCP: End of TTS and X-force Review

So I had my last game of TTS Season 5, so there will be a quick write-up, a season review and an X-Force review. Game 6! I lost priority and we got Sword and Research Station. My opponent chose 14 points. I chose Cable (considered Storm, but not played her yet), Domino, Deadpool, and then […]

MCP Crisis at Elysium Fields Roster

You may have seen this video, or the post on facebook with me asking for help for my next roster. Well let’s see what I ended up with! I started by eliminating a bunch of affiliations until I had A-force, Asgard-Wakanda, Cabal and Syndicate. In the facebook poll Syndicate and Cabal battled it out for […]

MCP TTS Game 4

Game 4. First X-Force game. I Lost priority (shock), but got extracts and chose cubes. He didn’t seem to have anyone that could get it turn 1, so I figured Cable could get it. The other player, playing Web Warriors chose Cosmic vaults. We played at 17 Threat. I took Cable, Domino, Deadpool, Zemo, Gwen. […]

TTS season 5 part 2 Roster swap!

So Brotherhood is dead, long live ?? No idea! Let’s go back to the models again, there’s a few new additions: New models I really want to play Old models I like playing with New models I wouldn’t mind trying out Models I want a break from She-HulkScarlet WitchAngelaEnchantressQuicksilverMedusaLockjawMr sinisterMystiqueCable DominoDeadpool VenomValkyrieBlack PantherHawkeyeShuriModok StormCrystalMagnetoKingpinSinViperTaskmasterBobLuke CageIron Fist […]

TTS5 round 3 and part 1 roster review

So we’re halfway through season 5 regular season. Game 3 I was playing Lee “Hammy” Hamilton. He was a really friendly guy, just like all my opponents so far. I forget to make any notes or take pictures during the game so this write-up will be short might be not fully accurate. I won priority, […]