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Cortex+ comparisons

One of the things I have noticed with Cortex plus is how different people hack it different ways from the base forms. Smallville was hacked to anything dramatic. Leverage was hacked to anything team based. Marvel was hacked to anything action (or just anything). People tend to hack from what they know best, what they […]

Generic Cortex+

Why do I want to write a generic C+ system? I have issues with FATE I have issues with Savage Worlds I want a generic system written up so when I get the urge to play a game in a relatively simple, generic setting I don’t have to write a new C+ Hack, I can […]

Star Wars Species

As trailed on the blog I was going to start a series of posts on PC species for Star Wars: EOE. But then I found a group of people already had. 8( So instead, here is the link to said article, which in turn links to a PDF. There’s also a lot more SW:EOE […]

What to expect…

What can readers of this blog expect over the coming months? Posts for a start. Posts on non-content for rpgs, such as have been appearing and are currentlt in draft. Posts on new rpg content Here are the taste of the things i hope to write in 2013: Rifts cortex hack (but might not be […]

New Gameage

So if i haven’t been writing or playing Marvel what have i been playing? Mostly Nothing. Mika went back to work so our game time went out the window. But i have managed a few new games. Warmachine/Hordes ton kf. Oney over the summer on this. Started just buying the army books as source material. […]

star wars eoe blog, check it out

Originally posted on Triumph & Despair:
Triumph & Despair (T&D) is a place for me to get up on my digital soapbox and tell the world how I feel about Star Wars and Star Wars roleplaying games (RPGs); specifically with the new Edge of the Empire game being produced by Fantasy Flight Games (FFG). Both…

Solo Games Most of the time i have one player (My wife). she’s happy to play most things, as long as we play rather than me faffing about what system to play. I care, she doesn’t really. Of these options (my current fave systems/settings) which do people think work best one-one-one, for whatever reasons? I have […]

2012 Awesomeness

I used to do top 10s of everything when i was at uni. No time for that, here’s some stuff that I thought was awesome that was released in 2012: Films: Avengers Dark Knight Rises Total Recall In Time Expendables 2 There were other good films, but a lot had flaws to stop them being […]

Back From the Dead

When i posted my last post, i had no idead it would be my last for 6 months. Sorry about that. I intended the Blog to be about MHR. But when i started, MHR was meant to have 2 whole events done by the end of the year. Instead we have one – and mostly […]