Monthly Archives: July 2014

Playing with the D&D starter set

So we decided to run the D&D starter set last week. We had been planning a star wars game but there was a TPK in the first session. Imagine that! technically the characters are KO not dead, so i can bring that game back whenever i want. Can’t see me playing much other than D&D […]

5th > Pathfinder

So after a few more days i’m revisiting this: In 5E’s favour • Advantage rules rather than lots of +- to refer to • Attack bonus and AC on lower scales so all monsters are useful at all levels • Skills default to attributes, with simple bonus rather than ever increasing skills and skill DCs […]

Pathfinder & 5E

I have tonnes of Pathfinder books but due to lack of time and complex nature of game rarely get to run it, and certainly not past first few sessions. Partly the issue is that I feel I need system mastery to GM it but there is too much system to master. On the other hand […]