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Parademons (mob of) Team d[6][6][6] Unthinking Obedience Apokoliptian Shock-troops Mob Traits (Power armour) Armour d8 Flight d6 Attack d6 Blast d8 SFX: immunity: life support. Limit: Mob Cohesion If you want singles, use solo d6 or d8, but i think they work better as a mob. They area better than average mob due to powers.


Because you asked for it: Darkseid Solo [d12][d12] Buddy [d8] Team [d10][d10] (should make him more powerful!! similar to Thanos) Ruler of Apokolips Greatest threat in the cosmos Legions of followers Apokoliptian God Godlike Stength d12 Godlike Stamina d12 Godlike Durability d12 SFX: Immunity: Life Support, Aging. SFX: Invulnerable (see MHR) SFX: Power attack. Step […]

Edge of the World (Modern Explorer Hack for EoE) part 1

This comes from a suggestion on about using EoE for an Indiana Jones Game. And having just completed Tomb Raider and reading EoE i thought this was a great idea. The idea is to to stick to EoE as much as possible to basically run as is. There will be 2 time periods, basically […]

Another Dissapearing Act

Hmmm, its actually only been about 3 weeks since I last posted. seems longer. The 13th Age campaign has managed 5 sessions! that beats the 3 i did for WFRP 3e earlier in the year, and pretty much and other RPG for the last…erm, since Uni (1994-7). After the starter game, 2 normal sessions ripping […]

Numenera [HACKED] Cortex plus quick Hack

I Preorded Numenera (because it looked interesting and i thought it would be cheaper) I Read Numenera (and it was interesting) I am Hacking Numenera (Because i feel like it! And the sytem is iffy) Cortex plus, specifically Heroic, actually seems to lend itself better to Numenera than the system MC has designed. Well, in […]