Another Dissapearing Act

Hmmm, its actually only been about 3 weeks since I last posted. seems longer.

The 13th Age campaign has managed 5 sessions! that beats the 3 i did for WFRP 3e earlier in the year, and pretty much and other RPG for the last…erm, since Uni (1994-7). After the starter game, 2 normal sessions ripping off kingmaker, sessions 4-5 have been using Pathfinder’s excellent Ultimate Campaign to create and run a kingdom. There was even a Ball to find a suitable consort and now they have an army!

Crazy week last week for kickstarter and Pre-ordered stuff. Got Numenera on Thursday and have read a lot of the rules, but very little of setting. Like the ideas, but not the system. Also got C+ Hacker’s guide Final PDF, Eclipse Phase Transhuman PDF and Arena Rex playtest docs. Crazy! Haven’t had a chance to even read the last 3!

After picking up my Legend of the 5 Rings books and having another  read i played an intro session and the Rule book adventure last week. We quite enjoyed it. Liked the rules and the players mostly enjoyed the adventure. They don’t seem super bothered though. Not sure they dig the samurai thing. I still have issues. The stuff that makes it interesting also make it a bit too different. I’m thinking of maybe downplaying some of the etiquette and beefing up the fantasy a bit.

Maybe this:WOW_L5R_by_GENZOMAN

But that’s probably too far! It’s tricky. They love the card game and enjoyed it, but didn’t seem wowed the way i was when i read the 4e book and a bunch of the backstory.


I also managed to run a star Wars EOE game. Didn’t go quite as well as i expected. Used the 2nd beginner adventure, so it may be that. Players constantly want to go against the good guys (despite motivations). Critical injuries were also a bugbear – didn’t seem worth the advantages spent to get them.  Need to finish the story off and then probably wing it from there. I think they’d be happier hunting, killing, trading…oh and becoming intergalactic drug dealers. And a week before they were happy trying to win duels and painting competitions!!


So what next for the sight. Well i just posted my quick hack for Numenera. I’d like to add to that. I also have an inclination to write a C+ Hack for Pacific Rim. Loved that film. For once i don’t feel the need to do a hack fo L5R. i like the system. it’s part of the setting i’m not sure on…I’m also planning a ‘modern’ (as in last 100 years) conversion of EOE for Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider. Someone suggested it on and i loved the idea. It’s a good system and the Harrison Ford connection sells it for me. Plus i just finished Tomb Raider on the 360 and really enjoyed that. If i knew how long the explorers guide was away i’d maybe put it off a bit! I have HEX…but it just didn’t wow me as a system.

As usual, there’s just not enough time!

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