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I did it!

About half way through September I realised I had a chance of topping 30,000 yearly views. This isn’t a lot in internet land, but my previous best was ~29,000 about 5 years ago with some 5e stuff. At the end of September I was on just over 18,000 views but had done about 7,000 after […]

Editorial – Why I write a blog

[I have no real idea what an editorial is, but it sounds cool and important…] I’ve been accused twice recently of writing clickbait articles. Once because I used the phrase “too hard” rather than “more difficult” and once because I wanted a rant. In the first case it was just a silly title and the […]

MCP: Cabal roster go!

So when we left off (Here) i was working on a Cabal Roster and had this: Red Skull Crossbones Omega Red Sabretooth Venom Mordo I seem to also have slipped Zemo in. So i played the planned game to test out some more models. Skull, Cass Nova, Sinister, Xbones and Bob V big D, Hood, […]

2d20 Settings I want to try/hack

So there are a number of existing RPG settings and non-RPG Franchises that i’d love to try in 2d20. I’m going to run through a bunch of them! Assassins Creed. I can see dishonored being really good for this, both in doing Modern stuff and then jumping into the past for historical. In fact I […]

Covid-19 killed my blog

So Covoid-19 killed my blog… Ok, so not really but it feels like it. I was on a good run at back end of 2019 and got ill at start of 2020. Then covid hit and it wasn’t playing minis or much else. Weekly Roleplaying was happening, but that was taking up my time and […]

I’m Back!

So Covid Happened. Technically it meant I had more time to write the blog, but I had a lot less to blog about. No cinema, No IRL games, no events, no IRL RPG. Also no designated “day off” that I was writing the blog on. Whereas in the last week I’ve seen two new releases […]

MCP Overwatch: Mercy

Missed a Week! so 2 this week, then i think i’m done. Still not playtested!!  

MCP Overwatch : Pharah

I did Pharah because I really like her! She is as close to a main as I have in Overwatch and is different from the others because she can fly. There is no model for her really, but i’m happy with my Guild Ball Smoke Conversion. Wiki here! I did have a version with armour […]

MCP Overwatch : Widowmaker

I think i did Widowmaker next because she has a Lego model in the same pack as Tracer… She also seemed to provide something new in terms of being a sniper. Wiki here! She actually doesn’t do a lot so ended up at threat 2. Her main feature is her range 5 attack, and her […]

MCP, findings on the rules after a few games

So in total I’ve played 3 games of MCP, not enough to be an expert, but enough to make a few observations. General observations The dice can be really swingy. 6 dice can give you 8 hits or none. Managing power is key The basic rules are pretty simple Move L is very rapid Things […]

More Female Alts proxies for Aristeia!

As mentioned last week I’m a big fan of playing all female teams and the AGL allows me to do this. I started with this article  but have expanded to get proxies for pretty much the whole Aristeia Line up. So firstly, the ones from the Article, from the core box:   So then i’ve taken […]

First Aristeia! Event

When i knew i was dropping to 4 days a week one thing i wanted to do was write the blog on a weekly basis. And having just gone to my first Aristeia! event i though this was a good place to start. I played a 5 round GB event the day after, so it’s […]

Into the Hexadome GT 1.0

Originally posted on Hex Appeal:
This week I was really down as I have damaged the nerves in my neck. Lots of pain, pain killers and limited usage of my left arm. I had my first event booked for Saturday and wasn’t going to make it. However, I had a pass, had paid for a…

Back from the …

Ugh, how long since last post… Well, on plus side it means there’s lots i can talk about. What have i played in last year? Lots of guildball. Massively improved my ranking in season 4, playing hunters and butchers. Made a bunch of finals, but still no tournament win, but lots of podiums. Finished 5-2 […]


So yesterday wasn’t my first game of Aristeia(A! From here on) but it felt like the first proper game. Brian had kindly 3d printed a full set of walls and i had printed cards for soldiers of fortune plus bought alternate maximus, lunah and mushashi giving us a pool of 17 players instead of the […]

Morticians Killing Game

I’ve played like 2 games with Morticians*, 1 was close , 1 I got battered by corsair. So this post is mostly based on theory crafting since I’m planning on going morticians next, and then I can use my own advice. Since Morticians fight rather than score, i thought i would look out how they get […]

First Impressions

Originally posted on Hex Appeal:
I was lucky enough to have one of the most enjoyable introductions to Shadespire. Not long ago my best friend had a change in circumstances, as part of this with some encouragement and the use of my laptop he took the plunge, deciding to apply for a dream role working…

Devil’s run kickstarter

There’s a new 2d20 game coming : Devil’s run. From the page : In a maelstrom of carnage and destruction worthy of a George Miller movie, the Devil’s Run setting exploded onto the kickstarter scene with the high-octane fun of the Route 666 board game. The setting’s popularity has grown and grown thanks to the hugely successful Hell’s Highway […]

AHS: Riots at Dawn

So mission 3 as previously started with some shopping on orbitals/Circulars. Geist upgrade for HuJu and more ammo. Complication on 2 rolls for this so i ruled the Geist got corrupted…twice. This took long enough (taking weeks to lower R) to give Benoit 2 lifestyle upgrade rolls moving him back up to middle. (He started […]

The Circular File

2nd mission – from 2nd Quickstart/Primer no GMPC, just HuJu and Benoit. Started off with some shopping, testing the acquisition system. having not liked it on paper in play it was quite fun. Although they burned a lot of heat!! Got a sword, knife, med. combat armor and 2 shortfalls! They were told of the […]