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MCP Overwatch Sombra

Either the last for now…or I have 1 left…not sure!

MCP Overwatch: Mercy

Missed a Week! so 2 this week, then i think i’m done. Still not playtested!!  

MCP Overwatch : Hanzo

And… Hanzo. did Genji, gotta do Hanzo. Again, these are not playtested…really need to get onto that. Still waiting for half my models…

MCP OverWatch: Genji

Genji next. Nice figure for him from SMS. Really need to try these out…Just waiting for rest of overwatch figs.

MCP Overwatch : Mei

It’s Mei Monday! [Wiki] That was just a happy coincidence. Mei was way down the list of choices, but then I figured her freeze abilities actually did something different. She gets to use Slow! I made icicle do more damage if the target is slowed, and let ther create terrain. She should be an effective […]

MCP Overwatch : Pharah

I did Pharah because I really like her! She is as close to a main as I have in Overwatch and is different from the others because she can fly. There is no model for her really, but i’m happy with my Guild Ball Smoke Conversion. Wiki here! I did have a version with armour […]

MCP Overwatch : Widowmaker

I think i did Widowmaker next because she has a Lego model in the same pack as Tracer… She also seemed to provide something new in terms of being a sniper. Wiki here! She actually doesn’t do a lot so ended up at threat 2. Her main feature is her range 5 attack, and her […]

MCP Overwatch : Tracer

Tracer had to turn up in this first bunch because she is probably the most iconic Overwatch character. Wiki entry here   Tracer is very very mobile but also has not much output and low health. I messed around with Recall a lot because i wanted it to work as both a place and defense. […]

MCP Overwatch : Reinhardt

Next up is Reinhardt. Wiki page here Of the 5 characters I had completed at the time of writing this was the hardest, and also the one i am least comfortable with. He as too many attacks, and probably is too survivable. But that’s why he is threat 4 despite low output and his main […]

MCP : Overwatch : Reaper

So i promised more MCP homebrew characters and I’m continuing with Overwatch* Generally Overwatch seems suited for MCP because characters tend to have 2 or 3 attacks, a passive and then 1 or 2 powers, just like an MCP character. I’ve started with Reaper because he is Iconic but also seemed fairly straightforward.   I […]