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Pathfinder Classes in D&D 5E

So one of things i really like about Pathfinder but don’t have in 5E is all the classes. Not so bothered about the archetypes. They are nice to have, but most are pointless or are just themes. Have statted most of the races i want, monsters are pretty easy to convert or re-skin and i […]

D&D 5E Tengu

Tengu Ability scores : +2 Wis, +1 Dex Size: Medium Speed: 30ft Darkvision: Tengu have 30ft darkvision. Swordtrained: All Tengu are proficient in all swords and sword-like weapons. Sneaky: All Tengu are proficient in stealth. Bite. Tengu have a 1d3 damage natural bite attack. They are proficient and it counts as light and finesse. Languages: […]

Kitsune (for D&D 5E)

I love kitsune. Wish their was more game stuff for them. As before, this is all from the Pathfinder ARG. Kitsune Ability Scores: +2 Cha, +1 Dex OR +2 Dex, +1 Cha Size: Medium Speed: 30ft Darkvision: can see 30 ft in dark. Agile: Proficient in acrobatics Kitsune Magic : Kitsune add +1 to DC of any […]

Pathfinder Adventure Paths

These are the adventure paths that I have. I own all in PDF, but not RotRL in book form. This is copied from paizo but i have made some additions. Follow links for summaries and reviews. Rise of the Runelords   Goblin raids on the coastal town of Sandpoint presage a growing danger in the ruin-choked wilderness of […]

Golarion – Inner Sea overview

 Brief overview of the inner sea area of golarion (main area) The Inner sea region: countries in bold are in APs Avistan Absalom – island nation Andoran – Democratic freedom Brevoy – Feuding noble houses Cheliax – demon/devil controlled empire Druma – merchants religios paradise?? Galt – Constant revolution (france) Hold of Belkzen – orcs […]

Choice, 5E, Pathfinder adventure paths.

So having TPKed the party on Lost mines of phandelver we need to start again. And i figured it will make for a good blog post as well as for my players. Options: 1. Use Tyranny of Dragons DnD 5E adventure – (search net for reviews) Uses proper rules. Set in realms, you fight against […]

D&D 5e Geniekin

Having read the other blood of books and ARG i was pretty excited by the prospect of blood of elementals. Shame it has very little new crunch, instead filling half the book with info on the planes. Anyway, i still think the geniekin races are great, especially for an arabian setting. So here are my […]