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Nariko Sato v2

Link to the word doc file for this character: NN 2 CC This is my character. Nariko Sato. Part of team 4 of the village hidden in the mist. The setting is four generations after the main Naruto cast.   Aspects Youthful Kunoichi Weapon expert Better than Yoko Tokuda I will join the Anbu to avenge […]

Naruto via atomic robo v2.

So having run it we’re making a few more changes. No seperate Ninjutsu skills although will keep the Genjutsu skill and return taijutsu back to combat. Will now have Ninjutsu work using the normal skills. Basic Styles Overcome Create Advantage Attack Defend  Obstacles  OR inflict aspects  Melee/Ranged Fire   Craft Provoke Will Craft Provoke Deceive […]

Naruto using Atomic Robo/ FATE core

So i have decided to use the atomic robo rules for Naruto. My alterations are below: (edited on 25/4) Character creation: 5 Aspects Concept, trouble/omega, 3 modes Skill Modes Choose 3 Skill points 30 – points for skills modes Stunts 6, 3 must be spent on Jutsus Refresh Same as written aspects Stress 2 boxes, […]