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MCP: Badges, We (Don’t) Need (no stinking) Badges

[Super short post – but If you’ve been following along then you know this is an important one!] While I’m not so bothered about the overall standings on Longshanks (Of course I’d say that – I’ve dropped outside the top 20 due to other players getting ~20 games and moving above me) I do LOVE […]

What is Longshanks, and why should we be using it for MCP?

I’ve posted a lot of links to Longshanks.org on facebook and there has been some take-up, but we’re not there yet. [Disclaimer – I’m not affiliated or associated with Longshanks. I’m doing this review because I genuinely think Longshanks is awesome, and we should all be using it* ] So what’s all the fuss about, […]