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MCP Street Fighter : Fei Long

Yes, Fei Long is an odd choice, but I have the heroclix mini. His main attack was awkward, and could have been built off strike. And maybe he should only be threat 2 as he is quite similar to Black Widow. As always, feedback welcome! What’s in store for tomorrow? Depends on if i get […]

MCP Street Fighter : M Bison

And next up for this batch is M Bison (or Balrog in Japan). He had to come along at some point, he’s the main baddie! So he comes in at a rare threat 4. Basically because he is v tough but also dishes out good damage. That’s it for now! I might return to SF […]

MCP Street Fighter : Dhalsim

Dhalsim is up next as he has very different powers to the other characters, and also i have the heroclix model for him! I got to throw in some interesting things here involving his stretching, teleporting and flight. Pretty happy, but he might need toning down or pushing to threat 4.

MCP Street Fighter : Chun-Li

So Chun-Li had to be next as the most iconic female Street fighter Character. This was hard not to end up with another Ryu/Ken but i made her strike represent her multiple kick and threw in some Powers based on her backstory.

MCP Street Fighter : Ken

If i started with Ryu, obviously Ken is next! Ken is funnily enough pretty much the same as Ryu but he has a different ultra and his supers have different wild effects.

MCP Street Fighter : Ryu

So after Overwatch i still really had the bug for doing custom characters. Someone had suggested SF and i got my heroclix out…so Ryu up first. I did a back card because i was already on 4 attacks and needed an ultra. Plus it meant i could use a semi-amusing continue picture! Ryu has pretty […]