I’m a Lurker, or at least i have been. But after Ages reading + using other blogs i’ve decided to start my own and share my stuff. I post occasionally on rpg.net and other sites.

I own a lot more than i play. I have a lot of 5E, 4E, Pathfinder, Exalted, 40k, WFRP 2E and 3E, FATE, Savage Worlds, WOD, L5R, Cortex + and Shadowrun 5e. The only ones of these i play are Pathfinder, and that was because of the awesome new Beginner Box, Shadowrun and 5E. Recently got back into FATE. My Wife and I love dice. A visit to our FLGS (Patriot Games, Sheffield) usually results in at least one new set of dice being Bought…I think she’s upto about 25 sets currently. Plus a tonne of Dicemasters now!

Please link this blog, add comments, send me feedback.

Thankyou and Enjoy




  1. Hey bud – I can’t find the valour of the ages fan-product you made anywhere. All the RPG/boardgame geek links are broken.

    1. valour of ages?? if you mean WFRP there’s some stuff on here for wood elves
      , but thats it

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