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MCP: 3-Box Challenge Suggestions, part 2

My 3-Box challenge died a quick death. Having had PC issues in game 2 I played a “friendly” game against Jonah last week and the PC crashed AGAIN. At this point I decided I need to give up on playing TTS. So I game my round 3 opponent the win and dropped. (also no Season […]

MCP: 3-Box challenge tournament, Game 2

So this week I played my first game of the 3-Box challenge TTS tournament. what happened to Game 1? My opponent and I couldn’t make it happen so it was a draw. Game 2 I drew Chris Williams of Spider Foes Disaster and Wakanda Revenge Fame. This was pretty handy as if the PC decided […]

MCP: 3-Box Challenge Suggestions, part 1

So the 3 box challenge is gathering momentum and I may even be playing in an event, so I thought i’d jump on the bandwagon and write about it. For those that don’t know, the 3 box challenge basically says you create a roster only using the contents of the core box and any 3 […]