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WFRP Wood Elf Careers : Waywatchers

More Wood elf Careers, this time for the second WFRP3 career: Waywatchers. I’m thinking some kind of beatmaster/rider class next…and then i’m out of ideas. Wood Elves do not not seem well supported by GW. (will i get sued for that?) Again, I will put all these up on the WFRP Elf PRoject Valour of ages on RPGGeek, […]

Wood Elf Careers: Wardancer

So the first non cortex content is here: Wardancer careers for WFRP3e. There are only two wood elf careers in WFRP3 and Mika picked a wardancer way back when i got the game (a few months after release). I’ve finally got round to making three higher tier careers. Funny – this is because of Star […]