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What is Longshanks, and why should we be using it for MCP?

I’ve posted a lot of links to on facebook and there has been some take-up, but we’re not there yet. [Disclaimer – I’m not affiliated or associated with Longshanks. I’m doing this review because I genuinely think Longshanks is awesome, and we should all be using it* ] So what’s all the fuss about, […]

MCP : Jean Grey Review

I completely forgot after the first set of reviews that I was doing good, bad and ugly. Ended up just writing standard reviews, so I will attempt to return to that. The Great: TK Force is nasty. 9 dice, free throw, then wild explode. Tasty! And being able to stop your models being advanced or […]

Big MCP weekend

So i played tts game 5 on Friday night followed by 3 round event on saturday. I was playing a really nice guy called David. He chose Herbs and I chose infinity formula. I was surprised by Herbs and had no plan for it. I considered taking a long mover to get it, but figured […]

MCP Crisis at Elysium Fields Roster

You may have seen this video, or the post on facebook with me asking for help for my next roster. Well let’s see what I ended up with! I started by eliminating a bunch of affiliations until I had A-force, Asgard-Wakanda, Cabal and Syndicate. In the facebook poll Syndicate and Cabal battled it out for […]

MCP Hot Take Reviews, the new leadership boxes

So Recently I’ve looked at 8 of the most recent models, I figure I may as well look at the other 4 we’ve had spoiled, the 2 newest Leader Packs, Amazing Spider-man and the new flying Captain America & their additional models. First up his initial Stat-line looks pretty good. L move, 6 stamina, 2 […]

MCP TTS Game 4

Game 4. First X-Force game. I Lost priority (shock), but got extracts and chose cubes. He didn’t seem to have anyone that could get it turn 1, so I figured Cable could get it. The other player, playing Web Warriors chose Cosmic vaults. We played at 17 Threat. I took Cable, Domino, Deadpool, Zemo, Gwen. […]

MCP X-Force Review

I haven’t played a lot of games with or against X-Force, but they are my next TTS team, and I also hadn’t played games with Spider-Foes and people liked that blog – so give the people what they want! Deadpool’s Healthy side looks pretty bad. 4 Health and 3 Phys Def. Pseudo rapid fire which […]

And now also on YouTube

So just over a week ago, inspired primarily by YouTube videos from Rich Mid Gaming and Nate at the Gamers Guild I started my own Youtube Channel called…That70sGame. If It ain’t broke, why fix it, right? Currently there are only 3 videos, with a 4th releasing on Thursday 17th. I Also have content planned for […]

TTS Season 5 2nd half roster (and other stuff)

When we left off I was considering a mix of X-men, X-force, Syndicate, Cabal and maybe Avengers. With Sam Wilson Cap coming I don’t think I seriously considered Avengers. And I was still not happy with the core models available for Syndicate. A core of KP, Taskmaster and crossbones isn’t ideal. Seeing Kraven as Syndicate […]

TTS season 5 part 2 Roster swap!

So Brotherhood is dead, long live ?? No idea! Let’s go back to the models again, there’s a few new additions: New models I really want to play Old models I like playing with New models I wouldn’t mind trying out Models I want a break from She-HulkScarlet WitchAngelaEnchantressQuicksilverMedusaLockjawMr sinisterMystiqueCable DominoDeadpool VenomValkyrieBlack PantherHawkeyeShuriModok StormCrystalMagnetoKingpinSinViperTaskmasterBobLuke CageIron Fist […]

TTS5 round 3 and part 1 roster review

So we’re halfway through season 5 regular season. Game 3 I was playing Lee “Hammy” Hamilton. He was a really friendly guy, just like all my opponents so far. I forget to make any notes or take pictures during the game so this write-up will be short might be not fully accurate. I won priority, […]

Spider Foes, Wave 2

So If you’ve seen this video I did () You’ll know I don’t think much of Spider-foes at the moment. Their Leader is underpowered and has been denied his one previous use. The other models in faction are on the slow side, only one of them is 3 threat and the only real beater (Venom) […]

MCP Returns, Week 2

TTS Round 2 After my surprising win in round 1 I drew Anthony O Reilly in round 2, who appeared to be playing Criminal syndicate. For a change I won priority, so I chose extracts and got fragments. We went through a whole bunch of bad looking maps and settled on the subway map which […]