TTS Season 5 2nd half roster (and other stuff)

When we left off I was considering a mix of X-men, X-force, Syndicate, Cabal and maybe Avengers. With Sam Wilson Cap coming I don’t think I seriously considered Avengers. And I was still not happy with the core models available for Syndicate. A core of KP, Taskmaster and crossbones isn’t ideal. Seeing Kraven as Syndicate made me think I will wait for him as a Fisk, Tasky, Kraven core is much more appealing, as is Fisk, MODOK, Kraven. So I am really left with X-men, X-force and Cabal.

So Last Friday I set up a game against my friend Brian, Sin Cabal v X-force. 19 threat playing SWORD and Legacy cure.

X-Force (B) was Cable, Deadpool, Domino, Wolverine, Sabretooth – All the healing

Cabal (me) was Sin, Crossbones, Mr Sinister, Bob, Enchantress, Viper

I made a mistake at start when I setup Sinister. IDeally he would be with the healing models, but I didn’t want to hurt certain models on my side. I avoided damaging Bob, because I thought his Launcher did 2 damage to him. Turned out it only threw him, so 1 damage would have been fine. Damaging Sin was handy, as it gave her power, but damaging Viper was less than ideal!

At the end of the first round X-force controlled the left console and 2 extracts and Cabal controlled 2 consoles and an extract for a 4-2 lead. Cable had taken the cure and console on left, Enchantress had done same on right – starting with 2 power is handy. Wolverine had taken the centre extract and Domino had flipped it and Then Bob had shot Wolvy, who had survived on 1 stamina. Then Crossbones had flipped the point.

Turn 2 things got fighty. Deadpool and cable dazed viper (avoiding Sinister so I didn’t have power to do 2 beams), Wolvy dazed Crossbones and ran away, Enchantress survived sabretooth as he only had 1 attack as SWORD had moved him away. I tried to damage Domino turn 1 and 2, but just didn’t happen. Sin did go for Deadpool, just as a target but accidentally dazed him, which meant I couldn’t beam him for samples! Oops! Sinister dead beam Cable. End of turn was still the same for an 8-4 lead to Cabal.

Maximum Effort Dance PArty

Turn 3 Sinister summoned Rocket. Then everything went bad. Deadpool did maximum effort twice backed up by Cable which dazed Bob, Viper and Sinister. Sabretooth dazed Enchantress. Wolverine dazed Crossbones and Sin finally dazed Domino. X-force scored 5 to 0, for 9-8 lead.

Turn 4 Sinister, Enchantress and Crossbones were KOed. Rocket and Sin were dazed. Viper Dazed Wolverine and took his extract and ran away. 14-9 to X-force. 

Turn 5 Viper ran away, and X-force took out Rocket and Sin. Cable managed to shoot down Viper to trigger Bob’s lose condition, but it was essentially 19-9.

So in review of the models:

Sin – Her leadership didn’t work once! But that was bad luck, it could have been good. Her attacks were pretty decent and linking to Crossbones was ok. Even allowing a cheaper affiliation, I’m not sure she’s worth it over Skull.

Crossbones – Still slow turn 1, but after that he’s pretty mobile. I forgot how expensive haymaker is, but overpower is very useful. He’s ok, and a bit better with Sin and Illicit Tech, but still not great.

Enchantress – So useful. Decent attacks, moves people, can steal extracts, 2 power. Her defense is still an issue though. Costing two power isn’t much of a defense later in the game. 

Sinister – Really enjoyed him, was just unlucky that after he cloned rocket he was focused down and killed before activating. Would like to try him in a different lineup.

Viper – Seemed pretty good. Long move with a teleport is good and her attacks are handy, and stealth prevented as many attacks going into her.

Bob – 9 dice attack with an area damage early on is amazing. Sure after that he doesn’t do a lot, but he can hold a point and be a nuisance. 

Cable – Seemed really good. He can always teleport so is often moving and getting two attacks and his base attack is great. Leadership is pretty good, giving a re-roll for free. Shielding himself or allies is nice. And he can throw size 4 if he needs to. Wish he wasn’t 5 threat, but I think he’s worth it.

Deadpool – Bit rubbish on front side, but really good on injured side with Maximum effort. So easy to get and can refunded itself and do a ton of damage.

Domino – Was frustrating to play against and has really good tech. 

Wolverine – not bad. He tanked so much damage and didn’t get dazed until round 4 despite taking 6 damage on round 1. Seemed capable of pretty decent output as well. Maybe I want a bit more for 4 threat?

Sabretooth – OK. Not sure he’s worth 4 threat. Long move is handy but seems like he wants a pounce. But his counter abilities are really uself – you don’t really want to attack him.

In general X-Force were a lot more impressive than Sin Cabal, and I could see a place for Enchantress and Sinister in X-Force. 

So I decided to go with X-Force. I started with the base 5. I considered dropping wolverine and/or sabretooth, but decided to keep them as the amount of healing factor makes X-ceptional healing worth taking. I considered taking Sinister, but that means taking his 2 tactics cards AND taking some 2 point models to clone which was quite an investment, particularly when I wanted a couple of X-force AND Deadpool cards.

I added Enchantress and Zemo straight away. Zemo leans more into the leadership (thanks to UtilityCookie for this one) and Enchantress has good tech. And she doesn’t break my “no more of the same old models” rule as I didn’t take her in first half of season, and only used her once in Elysium event. 

I then added Medusa as she is really good. She was in my first half roster, but I only took her once I think. I then decided to add Bob. He fits in team narratively with Deadpool, and he’s fun. For the last spot I was toying with Ghost-Spider, Venom and maybe Sin. I decided I had enough 4 threats so took Ghost-Spider over Venom. I then thought that maybe I did want another leader, ideally at 3 threat and thought about putting Sin in as I did have 4 Cabal affiliated models. But I figured it was unlikely I would run Sin right now. So I looked at other Leaders and decided to add Storm in. She would get some benefit from X-force, but also I could play in X-men as I would have 4 X-men models. I just had to decide who to replace. After much Agonising I dropped Medusa. I really wanted to keep her in, but decided Gwen offered some other tech, filled a similar role and was cheaper (although not as good).

So the final lineup looks like this:

For tactics I took this lot and Chimchangas:

3 cards I can always take, 1 card for each affiliation, 2 Deadpool cards and a card that 3 of the roster can use. 

For Crises I went with this:

I wanted one F, but not a second. I also wanted Hammers again, and thought Legacy virus had been fun so added that. I can run my core at 14 and 15 so took SWORD and gamma wave, and then I wanted a B map that didn’t involve a roll to activate, so that was Infinity formula.

I went 2-1 last time, and had bad cards. If I can go another 2-1 and finish 4-2 I’ll be really happy, particularly with no practise with my team. I’d take 3-3. 


  1. Keep it up!!

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