Eclipse Phase Conversion (for C+/MHR)

All the posts + files from my Marvel Eclipse Phase Conversion.



Character creation – the basics.




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  2. Black Campbell · · Reply

    Interesting — I had been thinking that MHR might work as the substrate for an Eclipse Phase/transhumanism game, as well. One of the reasons I looked at this instead of regular Cortex was the fluidity of the character creation. If you are swapping bodies and processing abilitites, the usual stats don’t much matter; your character is the personality, more that the morph they’re inhabiting,

    I noted you kept the various stats. My suggestion would be make those part of the morph “power set” — the affiliations, personality (distinctions) and specialties might remain, but you could emulate better compiting speed, or worse, the same as strength or durability. Just my two cents.

    Good work on the site!

    1. Cheers.
      Problem with marvel as written is some powers starting at d8. I was trying to more closely match EP

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