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MCP: one roster to rule them all…part 3

Just to be clear, this isn’t really about an all conquering roster, it’s just what I called my first Dormammu roster and I’m not changing now. But this IS the big one. A Dormammu only roster which should get me to 5 affiliations played. So easy start, Dormammu. 9 to go. I mostly want 3 […]

MCP Overwatch : Tracer

Tracer had to turn up in this first bunch because she is probably the most iconic Overwatch character. Wiki entry here   Tracer is very very mobile but also has not much output and low health. I messed around with Recall a lot because i wanted it to work as both a place and defense. […]

The Vampire Flash

This was made from scratch rather than converted based on a player’s request. He wanted to be the Joker but that didn’t really go with the Gaslight Bat! Vampire Flash Solo d10, Buddy d6, Team d8 The fastest Vampire Un-Alive Straight-Laced Investigator Celerity Speed d12 Superhuman Reflexes d12 SFX: Initiative. The Flash always gets the choice […]

Gaslight Batman (Infinite Crisis)

Wrote this up a while ago to play with. Even did a sheet: GL batman Gaslight Batman Solo d10, Buddy d8, Team d6 The sound of justice a proper Edwardian gentleman formidable martial art skills Sonic Weapons Blast d8 Weapon d6 SFX:Area Attack. Add a d6 and keep an additional effect die for each additional target. […]

MHR infinite crisis.

Need a new game due to a flakey player and since i’m reading and playing infinite crisis i fancy that. But i’m thinking of having marvel worlds also. So the main origin worlds are DC earth-1 the main DC earth Earth-2 alternate heroes Earth-? Evil versions of all heroes And another bunch Marvel 616 the […]


Parademons (mob of) Team d[6][6][6] Unthinking Obedience Apokoliptian Shock-troops Mob Traits (Power armour) Armour d8 Flight d6 Attack d6 Blast d8 SFX: immunity: life support. Limit: Mob Cohesion If you want singles, use solo d6 or d8, but i think they work better as a mob. They area better than average mob due to powers.


Because you asked for it: Darkseid Solo [d12][d12] Buddy [d8] Team [d10][d10] (should make him more powerful!! similar to Thanos) Ruler of Apokolips Greatest threat in the cosmos Legions of followers Apokoliptian God Godlike Stength d12 Godlike Stamina d12 Godlike Durability d12 SFX: Immunity: Life Support, Aging. SFX: Invulnerable (see MHR) SFX: Power attack. Step […]

(Red) Robin

This is robin as he appears in Teen Titans/Batman and as Robin pre being Red Robin post Batman RIP. You know, when he didn’t have a really wierd looking outfit and wasn’t Globetrotting! (Red) Robin (Tim Drake) Solo d6, buddy d8, team d10 A Great Detective Responsibility weighs heavy Trained by Batman Equipment Bo Staff: […]


So after a short break, more Bat characters. Just finished reading Death of the Family and it was no help with Dick at all! Trying to do his affiliations is impossible, so feel free to change them. Nightwing (Dick Grayson) Solo d8, buddy d6, team d10 One of the greatest living Acrobats Natural Leader Knows […]

Fantasica Hack (and other games)

For the past week i’ve been playing Fantasica on android and a bunch of other mobage games. Fantasica is interesting as it matches up well with the MHR 3 affiliations. There are 3 attack stats (Ground, Air, Sea), 3 classes (melee, ranged, magic), 3 misc stats (speed, range, cost)  and a handful of special abilities. […]

Batgirl (Cassandra Cain)

Cassandra Cain was Batgirl for quite a while…but i’m mainly writing her up because she has an interesting history – daughter of Lady Shiva and assassin David Cain, adopted by Bruce Wayne, mixed up with League of Shadows. Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) solo d10, Buddy d8, Team d6 Troubled Young woman Naturally gifted, Trained by Masters […]

Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)

Barbara Gordon is both the iconic Batgirl and (thanks to new 52) the current Batgirl. Difficult to stat in MHR because her only really notable stat is her intellect, which their is no stat for. Consequently she will be tech heavy, and i’ll also do another batgirl with powers. Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) solo d10, Buddy […]


The main character from Knightfall: Bane. This represents his more intelligent version, like the comics and DKR, but still with the venom. I don’t know why some forms represent him as the muscled brick house (Batman & robin, Arkham games, Injustice). The guy is a genius dammit! He broke the Bat mentally before he did […]


I read about Azrael in the knightfall graphic novels, where he goes from wierdo to total Ahole. This represents him from around this period, but not his bat outfit. Azrael (Jean-Paul Valley) Solo d10, Buddy d6, Team d8 Computer Expert Trained Detective Angel of Vengeance / Grad Student The System Enhanced Reflexes d8 Enhanced Strength […]

Harley Quinn

Oh Harley, how much we love you. I find it hard to imagine comic Joker without Harley, although film Joker manages fine. Hard to believe she was created in the animated TV series. Harley Quinn (Dr Harleen Quinzel) Solo d6, Buddy d10, Team d8 “Oh Mistah J” Psychologist tuned criminal If it makes me happy, […]

The Joker

Do I need to say anything? The Joker has been portrayed memorably many times on screen as well as in comics. When i think Joker though, I probably think the Arkham Games. But wherever he pops up, he’s pretty much the same. The Joker Solo d10, Buddy d8, Team d6 Clown Prince of Crime Totally […]


Ah, the JLA. Like the avengers some versions are great some, not so much. The difference here is that DCs biggest heroes are the core of the JLA, while the Avengers (until the movies) were more stand alone from their most popular characters. with the new 52 the JLA were relaunched, going back to the […]

The Flash

Another character with multiple characts to take the name, but i’m going to use the most iconic, and the current Flash, Barry Allen. I’m not much of a Flash Fan despite enjoying the old TV show. I like the character, but somehow he seems to always be underpowered. I mean, he’s super fast right, but […]


Aquaman is always preseneted as a bit of a joke which seems a bit unfair. He is very powerful, commands a massive nation, yet because he has some water associated powers people constantly make jokes about how he is useless. Guess his old green and orange didn’t help. Aquaman (Arthur Curry, King Orin) Solo d10, […]


There’s quite a few versions of Cyborg. The original 80s version, the 90s mentor to the new Teen Titans, the 00s anime version, the Flashpoint version and now the new 52 version where cyborg is part of the JLA. The stats will pretty much work for any of these but the distinctions and milestones will […]