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Killer Croc

Killer Croc is a beast. Or, at least he’s turning into one. Again, i have more knowledge of him through Arkham City than comics. Unlike many other Bat Baddies he has genuine powers. Killer Croc Solo d10 Buddy d8 Team d6 Crocodile Wrestler Becoming more monstrous every day “I’m going to eat you!” Reptilian DNA […]


Cheshire is somewhat the DC town bike. She has children with Red Arrow and Catman. And she’s a paid assassain. She could be an awesome reality show, or my next datafile. Cheshire Solo d10,  Buddy d6, Team d8 Coldblooded Murderer Vengeful Mother Dangerous Liasons Completely Untrustworthy (Pick 3) Poisonous Killer Enhanced Reflexes Weapon d6 (sword) […]


Clayface is like Batman’s version of sandman, but bigger, muddier and more monstrous. In fact there have been more than one Clayface. All variations on petty criminals who can shape-shift. I’ve not seem a lot of them in the comics, but He was great in the animated series and in Arkham City. Clayface Solo d10 […]

Avengers Assemble

Just come back from seeing the Avengers and it was awesome. One of the best superhero films there is. Which is amazing considering some films struggle to fit in a hero and a few villains, and this has 7+ heroes, and 1+ villains. Action scenes were great, script was very good and really funny, CG […]


                Everybody knows Catwoman. But there have been so many variations. The TV series, the animated series, the Halle Berry Version (OMG). Even the comics have multiple versions. I’ve gone for something like the Arkham City version.  Catwoman Solo d10 Buddy d8 Team d6 Ooooo Shiny! Plays on […]

Eclipse Phase Characters, Marvel Style

Distinctions 1 Background 1 Faction 2 normal Aptitudes 12 dice (d6=1, d8=2…) across the 7 aptitudes Morph & Gear 10 dice for buying a morph and gear Specialities 8 dice 5 bonus dice for aptitudes, gear or specialities.

Converting Eclipse Phase

Yes, it’s a conversion not a hack. Having gone through all the morphs in the Core book + some in Sunward, gatecrashers and Panopticon there are certain patterns that emerge so a conversion is possible! This conversion assumes you have the relevant Eclipse Phase Books. Although they are creative commons I will not be putting […]

Lady Shiva

Not the most Well known character. But Essentially she is the number 1 DC martial artist, and a bad guy…Mostly. I thing Batman is only number 3…or did number 2 die? Anyway, because no-one else has… Lady Shiva Solo d10 Buddy d6 Team d8 Goddess of Destruction Driven to Perfection Unrivalled Martial Insight The World’s […]

Nightfall Thoughts

Why Nightfall? Why not hack WoD, Dresden Files, True Blood or Twilight (as if!)? A) Been playing it loads, both on the iPad and Card version. B) It has proper Werewolves and vampires C) No-one else is doing it (unlike my ME hack) D) It isn’t far off Underworld. So Thoughts…I’ve seen people suggest using […]

Mass Effect NPCs

Each NPC write-up gives 2 sets of stats – one for minor characters and one for speciality characters.   Asari Commando   Solo d4 Buddy d8 Team d6 Asari Commando No MercyAsari Warrior Reflexes d8 Barrier: Durability d6 Biotic attack: d8 Gear (+limit) Assault Rifle d8 Light Armour d6 Specialities: Biotics d6, Combat d8   Expert […]

Tonight I will be using Mass Effect for…

Something Else! Yes Despite Writing a Mass Effect Hack I don’t plan on using it to play straight Mass Effect. Why? Well, have you played Mass Effect 3. No Offence but the ending blew. So I’m using to play something similar, but different… In the years after ME3 most things continue as normal. The council races squabble but are […]

Next Hack?

So, what to hack next. I’m thinking one of the following: Eclipse phase. Modern Horror. Underworld / WoD / Nightfall / Dresden Files Fantasy. MHR works best when used to represent powers. For characters who rely on skills and ‘feats’ i think i would go with Savage Worlds. So why Eclipse Phase then? Simple – […]

Eclipse Phase Thoughts

So, how might i go about hacking eclipse phase? My initial thoughts are that the 7 aptitudes need to stay. Because these are the key stats for characters. Then keep Affiliations, distinctions, powers and specialities. Does that give too many dice? I Don’t think so. In MHR players constantly roll 4-5 dice. Without aptitudes you […]

Character Creation = Done

So that’s everything i used to create characters. The advantage of Marvel Heroic Roleplaying is how easy it is to use (and adapt). Next up will be Some NPCs, and then it’s onto another hack. See the Mass Effect Hack page for complete documents, character sheets and all the posts so far.


All weapons and Armor have the gear limit. All weapons have limit: Mutually Exclusive Shutdown weapon to switch to another Firearm. All Guns have limit: Out of Ammo Shutdown Gun and gain 1 PP. Take an action against the Doom pool to recover Guns Basic Versions   Pistol d6 Heavy Pistol d8 SMG d6 SFX-Area Attack Assault […]


Biotic Powers All biotic Powers have the following limits and SFX: No Biotic Power can be used in 2 consecutive turns. Biotic powers do not work on shielded targets. (unless stated) SFX – shutdown. Shutdown a power for 1PP. Regain on an opportunity or at a transistion scene. Biotic abilities  Base POWERS Biotic Control      […]

Class Power Sets

And the Class Power Sets. Using the standard 6, but i plan to add more: scientist, smuggler, pilot ,bounty hunter… Each class provides a number of D6 skills and a choice of powers. Spend 5 points on class powers SOLDIER Power Options Carnage, Overkill, Concussive shot, Adrenaline rush, Fortification Skills at D6 Combat, Menace Gear […]

Race Power Sets

For more information see the various mass effect wikia… or the Datapad App. Some of these wordings come from the Mass Effect RPG wikia. That was a few years ago and thats about all that remains! Credit to that though for some of the SFX and limits (although they weren’t sfx and limits at the […]

Power Sets – Races, classes and gear

Characters have three powers sets : One based on their race, one for class, and one based on gear Each provides powers, sfx and limits. If a racial power lists one die value that power is optional and the value is the maximum, if it lists two those are the max and the min. All […]

Skills + Specialities

There are 13 Skills Acrobatics Biotic Business Combat Cosmic Covert Crime Empathy Medical Menace Piloting Science Tech Each can be taken at Trained (d6), Expert (d8 or 2d6) and Master (d10 or 2d8 or 3d6). These can be used to create resources at one die less than their main level. You get 30 dice to […]