Class Power Sets

And the Class Power Sets.

Using the standard 6, but i plan to add more: scientist, smuggler, pilot ,bounty hunter…

Each class provides a number of D6 skills and a choice of powers.

Spend 5 points on class powers

Power Options Carnage, Overkill, Concussive shot, Adrenaline rush, Fortification
Skills at D6 Combat, Menace
Gear 3 weapons of any type.Heavy Armour

Basic Omni-tool (d6)

Power Options Biotic Control, Throw, Shockwave, singularity, Warp
Skills at D6 Biotic
Gear 1 Light weapon, 1 heavy weaponLight Armour

Basic Omni-tool (d6)

Power Options AI Hacking, Damping, Overload, Incinerate, Cryo-blast, Combat Drone, Energy Drain
Skills at D6 Tech
Gear 2 weapons of any type.Medium Armour

Mil-spec Omni-tool (d8)

Power Options Overload, Cryo-blast, Sabotage, Marksman, Stealth Field
Skills at D6 Tech, Covert, Combat
Gear Assault rifle, Sniper-rifle and one light gunLight Armour

Mil-spec Omni-tool (d8)

Power Options Concussive Shot, Shockwave, Telekinesis,  Charge,
Skills at D6 Biotic, Combat
Gear 2 weapons of any typeMedium Armour

Basic Omni-tool (d6)

Power Options Overload, Cryo-blast, Tech Field, Warp, Throw
Skills at D6 Tech, biotic
Gear 2 weapons of any type.Light Armour

Mil-spec Omni-tool (d8)

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