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2d20 Mod Rules Part 4: Everything and the End

So that’s the main body done; Characters, core rules, combat. So what else do you need? Quite a lot, but pretty much everything else is setting specific. So I’ll provide a few suggestions and point you to the actual 2d20 books. Mutant Chronicles: Dieselpunk, Good v Evil with corporations; Vehicles, Spaceships, Magic. Infinity: Cyberpunk, Transhuman […]

2d20 Mod Rules Part 3, Combat

This is an intro to the 2d20 mod combat rules. There are many more combat rules that we could go into; Healing, prone, cover, range rules and so on. For the moment I’ll point you to one of the books like Conan, Star Trek, Achtung! Cthulhu or Infinity. What we have here is enough to […]

2d20 Mod part 2, Basic rules

Basic rules of 2d20 These rules are deliberately a bit brief. If you want detailed rules buy one of the Modiphius games! Rolling Dice Work out the TN.  This is equal to the character’s attribute plus relevant skill that is relevant to the task. GM sets the difficulty.  0 to 5.  1 is the standard […]