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My Fantasy Game: First PC (Woodelf Ranger)

Asbak Mo-dar, Woodelf Ranger                                      Cost: (25) 11+4+10 Strength    d6 Skill       d10 Will        d8 Wits        d8 Distinctions Woodelf Ranger Hot headed Take them all on Gastro chef Talented Ranger           Ranged Combat Talent d10 Invisibility d6 Wolf Attack d10 Wolf Reflexes d8 Wolf Senses d8 SFX:Arrows and Claws: Add d6 to attack pool. Step down highest dice. Step up Physical Stress […]

My Fantasy Game: Character point buy examples

This is just as an example of how dice spends work. Recap: Attributes Strength, Skill, Will, Wits Choose one at D10, 2 at d8 and 1 at d6, OR 2 at D10 and 2 at d6 OR 1 at d12, 1 at d8 and 2 at d6 Creation dice – choose 20 dice steps (d6=1,d8=2…) […]

My Fantasy Game: Resources

Resources Resources can be allies, minions, locations or Gear. The first 3 count as permenant assets and work as such (also – see Smallville) Gear works as powers and can also have SFX. Types of gear are Limited to certain powers. Again, powers straight from MHR (C) MWP. Power Starts at Non-Magial Non-Tech MAgical Tech […]

My Fantasy Game: Specialties/Talents

Specialties/Talents Specialties come in Four types: Rookie, Expert, Master and Legend. These are at d6, d8, d10, d12 Optional : If a skill is attempted without a die, roll a d4 in the pool. * Expert Specialties can be used as a d8, or split into 2d6. Master Specialties can be used as a d10, […]

My Fantasy World: “Classes” – basics

Class/power groupings Gifted Special powers. Can select from any power grouping up to d10, some up to d12 Can choose relevant sfx Can select talents up to d8 Can select Specialties up to d10 Talented Exceptionally Skilled. Technically Gifted, but much more subtle. Can select from certain power groupings up to d8 Can choose relevant […]

Google Hangout Session

Wow! just ran a game on google hangout with one of my players. Since we both have young daughters and can’t leave the house we thought we’d try a RP session on hangout. Used Dicestream for die rolling and then Googledrive with sketchpads and note pages. IT worked great. Sketchpad was useful to have images […]

My Fantasy World : The Cortex Plus (FHR) Hack – Dice pool and Character Creation

Dice pool: Attribute + Speciality + Distinction + Talent/Gift + Resources (+ sfx) Uses standard MHR/FHR rules. (See Hackers Guide) Character creation Attributes Strength, Skill, Will, Wits (Only real departure from FHR. Wanted stats, but not a ton of) Choose one at D10, 2 at d8 and 1 at d6, OR 2 at D10 and […]

My Fantasy World : The World

The world The Gifted world is huge. There are many areas and many nations. Most are controlled by the dark lords and their legions. Terrain is varied but does occur more frequently in certain parts. Areas are not just separated by rivers, seas and mountain ranges. The other realms have leaked into the world creating […]

My World – The races

Main (playable) Races: Elves Dark Shadow Grey Blood Winter High Wood Wild Sea Sky   Humans North South East West Mountain (NE) Desert (SW) Island (SE) Snow (NW) Animal People Many – pretty much any mammal, some reptiles, few birds Demon-Blooded Catch-all for anyone with part Other-Realm blood Dragon-kin Descendants of the Dragons There are […]

My fantasy world…the beginning

The opening crawl to my WIP world…Subject to change! Long ago Gods and Titans and Dragons fought. Both gave portions of their power to normal people to help them. The side of Good and Order won. The Evil gods, dragons and Titans were imprisoned or banished. Then there was mostly peace. Countries fought, and The […]