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MCP Overwatch Sombra

Either the last for now…or I have 1 left…not sure!

MCP Overwatch: Mercy

Missed a Week! so 2 this week, then i think i’m done. Still not playtested!!  

MCP Overwatch : Hanzo

And… Hanzo. did Genji, gotta do Hanzo. Again, these are not playtested…really need to get onto that. Still waiting for half my models…

MCP OverWatch: Genji

Genji next. Nice figure for him from SMS. Really need to try these out…Just waiting for rest of overwatch figs.

MCP : Overwatch : Reaper

So i promised more MCP homebrew characters and I’m continuing with Overwatch* Generally Overwatch seems suited for MCP because characters tend to have 2 or 3 attacks, a passive and then 1 or 2 powers, just like an MCP character. I’ve started with Reaper because he is Iconic but also seemed fairly straightforward.   I […]