In this second part of a series (looking at putting together a basic, modular, generic version of the 2d20 system), I will be looking at how characters vary between the different 2d20 versions. Note – the 2d20 rules system is copyright of Modiphius games. I am simply looking at pulling the basic rules out of […]

This is the first part of a series looking at putting together a basic, modular, generic version of the 2d20 system. Note – the 2d20 rules system is copyright of Modiphius games. I am simply looking at pulling the basic rules out of the different games and then putting it make together. Why? 2d20 is […]

This week I will cover a few more systems. 3 of these are ones I’ve played in last few months. Pathfinder 1e The Good Options. Lots of books, so lots of character optionsBestiaries. There are 6, and they are all greatAdventure Paths. A whole bunch of full length campaignsUltimate campaign. A great book with awesome […]

This has been on my mind recently. A few times every year, I will be looking for a RPG system to play with my group, or wife or kid and spend ages going around in circles looking for something. Exactly what i want varies depending on the game i’m trying to run but what I […]

So Covoid-19 killed my blog… Ok, so not really but it feels like it. I was on a good run at back end of 2019 and got ill at start of 2020. Then covid hit and it wasn’t playing minis or much else. Weekly Roleplaying was happening, but that was taking up my time and […]

Event 2 was at 7th city collectibles near Nottingham this past sunday, 14th September. I’ve been there previously for Aristeia! and guild ball. This was a four round event. This ended up being a bit rushed. 3 of my games went to time rather than actually finish. I took defenders this time as the new […]

This blog should have been last weeks’ but for some reason I couldn’t access wordpress! In the mean-time I have now been to two events! The first event was on Sunday 30th August at Board in Brum. I’ve been to BiB before but they have a new venue now with a lot more space. It’s […]

So Covid Happened. Technically it meant I had more time to write the blog, but I had a lot less to blog about. No cinema, No IRL games, no events, no IRL RPG. Also no designated “day off” that I was writing the blog on. Whereas in the last week I’ve seen two new releases […]

So it doesn’t look like we’re getting an official 2d20 core any time soon, so I’m going to have a look at doing my own. I’m going to take the cortex+ approach. Cortex+ included Smallville, Leverage, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying and then some quickstarts. Eventually they released a hackers guide where they renamed the variations to […]

This is prompted by a Facebook thread where I pointed out genesys is taking off and 2d20 has stalled. The main problem 2d20 has is there is no core book, but also each iteration is different. I reckon 2d20 can actually cover most genres already…and unlike genesys which requires huge amounts of work to create […]

I’ve got really back into league but am surprised to find there is no system for it. And then i looked across the internet and there aren’t any hacks either. So i’ve spent a while looking at systems, and here is my initial thoughts: Genesys 5-7 = -2 Pro Talents Versatile magic Can use specialisations […]

Either the last for now…or I have 1 left…not sure!

Missed a Week! so 2 this week, then i think i’m done. Still not playtested!!  

And… Hanzo. did Genji, gotta do Hanzo. Again, these are not playtested…really need to get onto that. Still waiting for half my models…

Genji next. Nice figure for him from SMS. Really need to try these out…Just waiting for rest of overwatch figs.

I’m glad I’ve had time to actually play games and read the rules so this is mostly a review of the box itself. What’s in the Box? The box is pretty crammed with goodies. Counter sheets, measuring tools, dice, lots of sprues and the how to play book. The Models: The models are great! The […]

So it’s release Day. At Last! I was hoping to do my review today, but since i don’t have a copy of the game it didn’t seem right. So when i started this 15 day streak i was hoping i could manage 15 blogs in 15 days, well i did way more than that. I […]

Why Vi? Because i found a model for her. That’s pretty much it. Annoyingly she comes with 3 passives and two almost identical attacks…but oh well.

Franchise number 3: League of Legends. I haven’t played it in years, but it has some cool characters. Also, i can order a figure for Ahri…so here she is I really need to get her on the table and try her. Coming up with the powers based on a MOBA character is easy enough, balancing […]

Yes, Fei Long is an odd choice, but I have the heroclix mini. His main attack was awkward, and could have been built off strike. And maybe he should only be threat 2 as he is quite similar to Black Widow. As always, feedback welcome! What’s in store for tomorrow? Depends on if i get […]