Juggernaut was spoiled last week but the proper card dropped this week. How’s he looking? So he’s another 5 threat, good def, plenty of health and some interesting rules. The Great. He’s so thematic. He’s not standing still hitting. He should be moving, then smashing hard with I’m the Juggernaut for 10 dice, then moving […]

So I did 2 articles on which models should get changed (here and here) knowing full well that not all would be changed. Did they change the models I suggested? Core Box wave Captain America. Buff! Yes (cheated here) Red Skull. No change. Captain Marvel. Buff! We know Binary is going down to 4. They […]

I’ve written 3 previous articles about turn 1 (and beyond) jank extract grabbing plays here, here and here. But in the new update AMG seem to have got rid of an awful lot of these turn 1 plays. This is mostly because of a change to Advanced RnD. Previously this could be used by a […]

So we’ve seen changes to characters, rules, B&R and tactics cards. I’m going to look at how I think that has affected each of the affiliations. I won’t really be considering unaffiliated picks (as that’s everyone) unless they were key to that affiliation. Before that I want to list out how I ranked the affiliations […]

Last weekend I went to a Team event at Boards and Swords In Derby run by Rich Mid. He had organised this ages ago as way to get players from all over the country together. 2 of my local players, Alex and Owen said they would play. But then didn’t play MCP until the event. […]

About half way through September I realised I had a chance of topping 30,000 yearly views. This isn’t a lot in internet land, but my previous best was ~29,000 about 5 years ago with some 5e stuff. At the end of September I was on just over 18,000 views but had done about 7,000 after […]

So I’ve already covered most of the rules changes and character changes in previous articles (look here for those) but after the big update dropped on Monday we got a bunch of extra sneaky changes! Rules Changes Thrown terrain now needs to be bigger than terrain it hits to destroy, the same as with characters. […]

Ghostbuster 2d20 RPG Unless stated otherwise all the rules follow the Star Trek Adventures 2d20 Rules, available from Modiphius. Unless otherwise stated all page numbers refer to the STA corebook. Character Creation Use the rules for Creation In Play on p131. Choose the character’s role Are they the Scientist, book guy, mechanic, talker, occultist, guy […]

I still hear discussions about THE meta. But also discussions about if there is a meta. But before we get into these discussions, lets have a look at some numbers. I want to start off by looking at populations of the game starting with “content creators”.[I have to say I don’t consider myself a “Content […]

So having codified our Fluff n Crunch conversion method, Jeremy and I worked through the process for a well-known property; Ghostbusters! This was partly because the new film, Ghostbusters Afterlife is out this week, but also because we are big Ghostbusters fans and it seemed to be a property that wouldn’t be too hard to […]

A few weeks ago on Fluff n Crunch (it was recorded over a month a go, podcasting is weird), Jeremy and myself discussed how to go about doing conversions (here). Firstly we classified the types of conversion: Re-Skin. When you basically use an exisiting rule-set and simply rename some of the parts of the system. […]

So i played 4 games with Web Warriors (5 if you count last week) and only lost 1 game… to another Web Warriors team. They’re pretty good. Miles was good to great every game. He’s fast which is good for extracts. He can hit hard. He has some control. He is one of only 4 […]

So after the Saturday event, on Sunday I went to Boards and Swords in Derby (only 45 minutes away) for a 16 player tournament. It was 17 but a local dropped to make sure there were no byes for people who travelled – what a guy! So this meant 4 rounds and a clear winner […]

So as usual after an event I’ll do a quick Roster Review. The roster is explained here and the event here. Thor was okay. Every time he used For Asgard he got damage and the stagger and he hit the throw a lot. He didn’t always have power for the terrain throw as well, but […]

On Saturday I went up to Leodis for a 13 person MCP event. Leodis is a great store. No phone signal, but free WiFi. It’s good wifi too cos I watched footy at lunch. Stupid united. We started with 1h30 rounds but switched to 1h45 pretty quick. This will hopefully be a quick write up […]

So as well as the Saturday event at Leodis, I’m doing a Sunday event at boards and swords in derby. And I’m taking Web Warriors. Yes, the affiliation I said might be broken. (If you read the article I xoncluded they weren’t). So am I jumping on the bandwagon? Nope, it’s simply the case that […]

I’m going to an event at Leodis Games on Saturday 6th (Today when this is posted) and am continuing with my Multi-affiliation quest! Currently I’m on this: So since I have 2 events at weekend and one is likely to be 4 rounds and one might only be 3, I’m taking an Asgard list to […]

Before Bullseye came out some people (including myself) felt that Bullseye could be a 2 threat character. But on release he was a 3 threat character with 2 threat output. He has ranked right up there as one of the least played (and presumably worst) models in the game. The Old: I never miss was […]

There was some discussion after Sunday that Web Warriors are a bit good. What is this based on? So at the biggest In person MCP to this date (to my knowledge – 52 players) The top 4 players were all Web Warriors. Initially that looks pretty damning. What else do we have? Web warriors were […]

These cards are getting updated quicker than I can write! As of time of writing I have at least 4 more cards to review and more coming! So today is the Ghost Rider! One of the best models in the game now has a card to match! The Old: had tech that gained power if […]