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Do I even want to run a League Game? Part 1 – What games I have actually run in recent years

One of the problems I’ve had in running a League game other than system is Adventures. Over recent years I’ve found it harder to have decent time to plan good adventures and have relied on pre-written ones. Even with these I have struggled to find the time to read them. So In this short series […]

Arcane RPG – what do I want from a system?

So in a previous post I looked at which systems could be used for a League of Legends / Legends of runeterra / Arcane RPG. But there were no real winners (just plenty of losers). So in this post I will look at what I would want from a system to run such a game. […]

2d20 Ghostbusters RPG Conversion

Ghostbuster 2d20 RPG Unless stated otherwise all the rules follow the Star Trek Adventures 2d20 Rules, available from Modiphius. Unless otherwise stated all page numbers refer to the STA corebook. Character Creation Use the rules for Creation In Play on p131. Choose the character’s role Are they the Scientist, book guy, mechanic, talker, occultist, guy […]

2d20 Ghostbuster RPG Conversion Process

So having codified our Fluff n Crunch conversion method, Jeremy and I worked through the process for a well-known property; Ghostbusters! This was partly because the new film, Ghostbusters Afterlife is out this week, but also because we are big Ghostbusters fans and it seemed to be a property that wouldn’t be too hard to […]

2d20: Creating a 2d20 Conversion

A few weeks ago on Fluff n Crunch (it was recorded over a month a go, podcasting is weird), Jeremy and myself discussed how to go about doing conversions (here). Firstly we classified the types of conversion: Re-Skin. When you basically use an exisiting rule-set and simply rename some of the parts of the system. […]

Fluff n Crunch, a gaming podcast

Way back in April a charming American called Jeremey messaged me about doing a podcast on 2d20. He had read a bunch of my blogs and was thinking of starting a 2d20 podcast and asked me to join. We’ve been recording it ever since on a mostly weekly basis with a break recently for my […]

2d20 Settings I want to try/hack

So there are a number of existing RPG settings and non-RPG Franchises that i’d love to try in 2d20. I’m going to run through a bunch of them! Assassins Creed. I can see dishonored being really good for this, both in doing Modern stuff and then jumping into the past for historical. In fact I […]

2d20 and different genres

This blog is prompted by a conversation about which genres 2d20 currently covers, and which it doesn’t. Thought I would start with the DTRPG genres list Family Gaming? Erm, not really, but John Carter comes closest. I’ve avoided using 2d20 with my family so far. while I think the dice rolling and core rules are […]

2d20 Mod Rules Part 4: Everything and the End

So that’s the main body done; Characters, core rules, combat. So what else do you need? Quite a lot, but pretty much everything else is setting specific. So I’ll provide a few suggestions and point you to the actual 2d20 books. Mutant Chronicles: Dieselpunk, Good v Evil with corporations; Vehicles, Spaceships, Magic. Infinity: Cyberpunk, Transhuman […]

2d20 Mod Rules Part 3, Combat

This is an intro to the 2d20 mod combat rules. There are many more combat rules that we could go into; Healing, prone, cover, range rules and so on. For the moment I’ll point you to one of the books like Conan, Star Trek, Achtung! Cthulhu or Infinity. What we have here is enough to […]

2d20 Mod part 2, Basic rules

Basic rules of 2d20 These rules are deliberately a bit brief. If you want detailed rules buy one of the Modiphius games! Rolling Dice Work out the TN.  This is equal to the character’s attribute plus relevant skill that is relevant to the task. GM sets the difficulty.  0 to 5.  1 is the standard […]

2d20 Mod Rules, part 1 – Character Creation

Before the basics, I’m going with character creation! [1] This won’t be complete, as some parts of this need later sections. Some of the default “core” options have alternatives. These are Mods, and let you tweak the core to what you want. CC Mod Zero: Lifepaths Rather than having so many points for each step […]

2d20 mod part 5, Classifying the variant

Part 5 Classifying the variants Another short one before hopefully starting on the core 2d20 mod. Although that might take a while to nail.  So having spent 4 weeks looking at the various systems i think we can classify the 8 systems (9 with Fallout) into 3 main categories: Hardcore. The original 3 games. More […]

2d20 mod, Part 4: Subsytems

Part 4 Subsytems Pretty much every 2d20 variant has it’s own subsystems. This will just be a short overview – get the games to see more detail! MC3 – Dark gifts and Light Arts MC3 has two forms of magic and both work in a similar way. Each “spell” has a Difficulty, duration, target and […]

2d20 mod part 3, combat and meta currency

Differences between the version part 2, Combat, weapons and meta currencies Combat is pretty similar in all versions. Roll to attack and defend. If the attacker wins, deal damage and spend momentum.  The differences fall under the following areas: Hit locations and Armor Combat dice Weapon ratings Health Momentum spends Other meta currencies Hit Locations, […]

2d20 Mod, part 2 – Differences between the versions part a – Characters

In this second part of a series (looking at putting together a basic, modular, generic version of the 2d20 system), I will be looking at how characters vary between the different 2d20 versions. Note – the 2d20 rules system is copyright of Modiphius games. I am simply looking at pulling the basic rules out of […]

2d20 Mod notes and basics

This is the first part of a series looking at putting together a basic, modular, generic version of the 2d20 system. Note – the 2d20 rules system is copyright of Modiphius games. I am simply looking at pulling the basic rules out of the different games and then putting it make together. Why? 2d20 is […]

2d20 deconstructed

So it doesn’t look like we’re getting an official 2d20 core any time soon, so I’m going to have a look at doing my own. I’m going to take the cortex+ approach. Cortex+ included Smallville, Leverage, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying and then some quickstarts. Eventually they released a hackers guide where they renamed the variations to […]

2d20 for other settings…

This is prompted by a Facebook thread where I pointed out genesys is taking off and 2d20 has stalled. The main problem 2d20 has is there is no core book, but also each iteration is different. I reckon 2d20 can actually cover most genres already…and unlike genesys which requires huge amounts of work to create […]

Quantronic Heat Part 2

So after many failed meetups (including snow) we managed to run our next session of Infinity: Quantronic heat 2: On your Marks. We got straight into the background deciding to use the Triad backing and be called “Heavenly Thunder” Wiuth HuJu as the pilot and Benoit as a medic, plus bringing back a GMPC as […]