Skills + Specialities

There are 13 Skills

  • Acrobatics
  • Biotic
  • Business
  • Combat
  • Cosmic
  • Covert
  • Crime
  • Empathy
  • Medical
  • Menace
  • Piloting
  • Science
  • Tech

Each can be taken at Trained (d6), Expert (d8 or 2d6) and Master (d10 or 2d8 or 3d6). These can be used to create resources at one die less than their main level.
You get 30 dice to spend across Skills, powers and sfx.

You can then choose 3 specialities at d12, d10, d8, which must be higher than the relevant skill. Note some specialities come up twice.

  • Acrobatics – (Dodge, Jumping, climbing, freerunning)
  • Biotic- (Telekinesis, Barrier, Warp, Slam, Charge, Mental)
  • Business – (Trade, valuing, contacts)
  • Combat – (Pistol, SMG, Shotgun, sniper, Assault rifle, Melee, Tactics)
  • Cosmic – (Specfic Race or Planet, History,)
  • Covert – (Stealth, Hacking, Theft, sniper, disguise)
  • Crime – (contacts, Legal system, cons, Deceit)
  • Empathy – (Persuade, Bluff, Read people, charm, Seduce)
  • Medical – (First Aid, Diseases, poisons)
  • Menace – (Taunt, intimidate, Psych-out)
  • Piloting – (Fighter, Freighter, Cruiser, Ships systems, Ground craft)
  • Science – (Specfic area of Knowledge, Genetics)
  • Tech – (Hacking, Computers, Omni-Tool, Repair, Modify).

Not a huge change. Same number of skills but removed mystic and psych for empathy and Biotic. And added specialities from Leverage. Mainly ‘cos they were in my leverage hack.


  1. Could you clarify how I would add dice to skills? Why wouldn’t I just take every one at a d10?

    1. Wrote this so long ago i had to check.
      under power sets there are two spend methods.
      1 balanced- total of all skills, powers, sfx must be less than 30 dice, where d6 is 1 die, d8 is 2…

      2 narrative. Spend what you want, as in MHR standard.

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