Affiliations + Distinctions


Choose 1 at d10, 1 at d8 and 1 and d6.

Assault Support Specialist
The Direct Approach Helping the team, hindering the enemy The other stuff
Physical and Mental Attacks Complications and Team Assets Personal Assets and Skill use


Choose a race and class Distinction.

Create a character concept. This must include the race and possibly the character’s class

Examples: Noble Turian Warrior, Curious Human Explorer, Devious Salarian Smuggler, Asari Huntress in pursuit of Justice

Choose three further distinctions from these possible:

  • Trouble. Pick a distinction that represents a recurring problem. This could be a character flaw, a nemesis or a person that complicates things.
  • Background. Choose a distinction that represents the childhood, upbringing and training of the character.
  • Turning Point/ first adventure. Choose a distinction to define the moment the character became a hero. This could be an adventure, mission or some other event.
  • Personality. Choose a distinction that represents how the character acts or looks.
  • Catch-phrase/Saying. Choose something that the character likes to say.
  • Values. Choose something based on one of the following:
    • Duty
    • Faith
    • Fun
    • Glory
    • Guilt
    • Justice
    • Loyalty
    • Love
    • Power
    • Revenge
    • Truth
    • Wealth

Why no Team Buddy solo? Because in the game Shephard is almost always in team, and when i play, Mika (My wife) is often solo. So i’ve gone for apporach rather than Grouping. It may not work for everyone but works for me.

Why 4 distinctions? I wanted a value one (after ditiching it as a dice), and a Race/class one. Which only leaves 2 choice so i’ve gone for 4. Heck, my leverage hack has 5!

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