Power Sets – Races, classes and gear

  • Characters have three powers sets : One based on their race, one for class, and one based on gear
  • Each provides powers, sfx and limits.
  • If a racial power lists one die value that power is optional and the value is the maximum, if it lists two those are the max and the min.
  • All races have a racial limit. They gain a PP if affected by a a special racial event or play their racial animosities.
  • If characters would have repeated powers (Biotics) split them up so they vary between the sets.
  • Gear depends on class.



Write down all powers and SFX. Maximum spend of 30 dice between Powers sets, SFX and Skills. D6 = 1 dice, d8 = 2 etc… Sfx counts as a dice.


Set character as whatever is needed.

Check dice ranks:

  • d6 – Average – has the ability, but nothing special
  • d8 – Enhanced – Near Peak
  • d10 – High – Peak for most abilities
  • d12 – Ultra – Beyond the norms! Must be a special reason for this.

New Powers

  • Intellect
  • Willpower
  • Charisma
  • Appearance
  • Dexterity
  • Aim

This will make more sense when i can post the races and classes! Using 3 power sets as it is easier to seperate. The extra powers are purely to represent stats for races.

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