New Gameage

So if i haven’t been writing or playing Marvel what have i been playing? Mostly Nothing. Mika went back to work so our game time went out the window. But i have managed a few new games.


ton kf. Oney over the summer on this. Started just buying the army books as source material. Then a 2 player box. Then the starters, then converting and proxying GW figs. now i can run pretty much every army, have multiple casters/locks for each army and have 2 colossals! its so much quicker to play than warhammer and good fun too.

    New LCGs

Got both star wars and netrunner for christmas. prefer star wars but both great games. Need more cards for star wars asap


Can’t reccomend this enough. feels a bit like thunderstone, is very random, super quick and lots of fun. Plus tonnes of dice…Get it now.

    Apocalypse world

just played it. Owned it a while but never grokked it. Really enjoyed our sess and looking forward to another game when our other player stops being a big jessy.

    star wars edge of the empire

Got the beta, but then didnt read it. Which makes me stupid cos shipping cost loads. but having played beginner game went back and read it. plays like WFRP 3 but without all the crap and a bit longer life expectancy. may actually take a few ideas and improve WFRP.

So there you go. A bunch of new stuff to play. Which is making me think…i really dont have the time to play all this stuff.

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