MCP: Cassandra Nova Review

When she was announced the reaction was pretty negative. Many players hadn’t heard of her and many who had didn’t want her. There’s a pretty clear reason; why release Professor X’s retconned twin sister from a handful of stories than the character the X-men are named after? I totally agree with this view. It smacked of opportunism. “We know people will buy Jean, so let’s put someone no-one want with her, and save the Prof for another box”. Then Jean’s card was released and people were threatening to not buy the box at all. I don’t think Jean was that bad, see here, she just isn’t OP. Then Cassandra Nova’s card was spoiled and It’s good. And people are again not happy. This box has caused a lot of grief! Just like Jean and CN in the comics!

The Great: Mind possession. 1 power (and damage) for advancing a character their speed. Not a (S) push, a full advance. That’ll combo well with Kraven! And Mysterio, and Rocket and GG and her own ability!

The Good: Flesh Manipulation is nice – 8 dice for 4 power. Reducing collision damage is handy (sorry Amora). Stealth and Healing Factor are nice bonuses.  

The Bad: Psionic blast at 5 dice again. Why does MODOK get 6. Screw you big head guy. Feels like they decided MODOK is OP. So nerf him!? 2 Physical Defense is less than ideal, but healing and 7 stamina cover that a bit. 

The Ugly: The model. Even without the energy blast it looks awful. With it looks terrible. It’s just really bad. Even other models people hated I didn’t mind, and often defended. But not this. It’s just both dull and stupid looking at the same time. I need a proxy.*

So she seems really good. She may well struggle to gain enough power to use all the stuff on her card, and could easily get focused down. But she has so much utility and decent damage to boot. I wonder what factions she’ll be in? I don’t think Cabal can take another Mid-range damage and control model. But I can see her working well in some other factions. It would be nice to see other models than MODOK.

Hot take Tier: A

*After seeing the plastic grey midel posted I started think the sculpt isn’t awful, it’s sculpt + paintjob. The actual sculpt has promise. Floating kick, suit, longcoat, (sword) cane. I have a plan…


  1. Awesome writeup! Would love to see that Morpheus recolor.

    1. When i get round to painting her I’ll post it

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