Marvel Crisis Protocol The Review

I’m glad I’ve had time to actually play games and read the rules so this is mostly a review of the box itself.

What’s in the Box?

The box is pretty crammed with goodies. Counter sheets, measuring tools, dice, lots of sprues and the how to play book.

The Models:

The models are great! The fact that they are 40mm means they are a decent size, Can’t wait to paint them up. They glue together easily (unlike Legion). They are fiddly to put together as there are some small pieces. Baron zemo was particularly bad for this. The fact that they come with proper bases is also a bonus. I have 2 boxes, and having put together some i’m still happy to do 2nd box.

The Scenery:

The fact that there is proper scenery is great. There aren’t many games that do that. And because they are nice and big they were pretty easy to put together. It was a lot quicker to build than the figures. With 2 core boxes I have loads of throwable scenery.

The Counters:
There’s not much to say about counters. They pop out. There’s lots of them and I don’t really need 2 sets…I am impressed by how many there are. There are not counters for the special conditions which are not in the core. Makes sense but annoying for my custom heroes.

The Rulers:
I love the little pictures on the rulers. I can’t wait to have them painted. It means they can be really individualised. And it also means I can keep everything for this game in 1 place!

The Cards:
The map, crisis and affiliation cards are nothing special. The tactics cards are great with art on both sides. Worth noting there is only one of each card so you do need a set each if playing with friends.The character cards are great. Much bigger than in other games, which is nice.

The Rules:
As I’ve already said her in my mini rules review, the rules in general are great. Some of the rules aren’t in the most obvious place, and there could do with being a better reference sheet but they read well, flow well and play well in practise.


This is a great core box. It has everything you need to play as a single player, but it is also enough for 2 people to play the full game. Yes, you need to share rulers and dice and cards, but that’s not too bad. Extra dice are pretty cheap, although I got a 2nd core box instead. The price is very reasonable if you look around, considering you get scenery and 10 models. If you look at similar games you will still need to buy more models or scenery to be able to actually play. And thanks to the wide universe of Marvel you can use pretty much any board or scenery you can think of. Fantasy? Asgard. Sci-fi? Guardians.Lego? Ant-man…

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